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Taboos when bathing Alaskan Malamute?

Alaskan dogs are mild-mannered, not picky eaters, nice to people, and all that, but ARA’s bath is a good one, so here are the top 5 dos and don’ts of bathing Alaskan dogs:

1. Just finished the exercises

The master took Allah out to play, play to the dirty immediately want to help the dog clean up, make not! Because a dog’s blood is still in his limbs and muscles right after exercise, taking a bath immediately is likely to cause a lack of blood supply to his heart and brain, which is detrimental to his health. Therefore, don’t let the dog take a bath immediately after exercise, and wait for a period of time, let Allah calm down before you consider taking a bath!


2. Bath temperature

When bathing Allah, the water temperature must be controlled well around 38 ~ 40 degrees, because this is the dog’s body temperature, the water temperature close to the dog’s body temperature is the best, so the owner must pay attention to the water temperature when bathing the dog, this is an important part of not turning your dog into a pest! If it casts a shadow, Ara will probably be afraid of showering and won’t enjoy showering anymore.

3. Bath Lotion

We must not use our lotions or inferior lotions on our dogs. They can cause skin diseases. In addition to skin diseases, they can also cause coarse hair loss and more serious hair loss, so be sure to choose the dog special high-quality Lotion, for the dog hair rough and hair loss of the usual diet to be light-based, staple food can choose some low-salt 0 add, containing deep-sea fish oil natural dog food, helps to reduce rough hair and hair loss!


4. Alaskan dogs are not allowed to bathe before being vaccinated

Allah has just picked him up, and he’s probably smelly and dirty, and you want to wash him as soon as you walk in the door and play with him as much as you want, but you don’t know it could kill him, and dogs aren’t allowed to bathe without vaccinations, do not give the puppy a bath or go for a walk for 20 days after taking him home. Dogs that have just been vaccinated should not be able to bathe for a week, preferably after a week, during which time if you find the dog too dirty and Smelly, you can wipe it off with a towel dipped in warm water.

5. Recovering from a serious illness

After a serious illness, Alaskan Malamute is not suitable for bathing, because their weak body resistance is low, bathing a little careless will easily lead to a cold, which is no doubt to their physical condition is worse. If Allah is too dirty, the shoveling officers can choose to use dry cleaning powder or towel wipe. For Ara in serious illness, the owner should give Ara to supplement nutrition, strengthen the body, so that the dog better recovery. We’ll give Alaska a bath when it’s healthy enough.