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Symptoms and treatment of common skin diseases in Schnauzer

Skin conditions can lead to extensive depilation and sometimes ulceration of the Schnauzer’s skin, and this is a common disease in dogs. Let’s take a look at the symptoms and treatment of common skin conditions in Schnauzers.


1. Type of skin disease

There are three common skin diseases in schnauzers. The first is caused by a fungal infection, known as mites. The second is a bacterial infection, caused by Schnauzer’s constant outdoor exercise but not cleaning his skin. The third is similar to the selection of the human equivalent of beriberi and other skin diseases. Because the causes of skin diseases in dogs are different, there are also differences in treatment methods. Once the owner finds out that the dog’s skin is different, he must take the dog for prompt diagnosis and treatment, otherwise, it will exacerbate the Schnauzer’s pain.

2. Causes of skin disease

Healthy Schnauzer is susceptible to infection from direct contact with dogs that have mites. Another possibility is that because the dog’s living environment is relatively humid, and the dog’s daily physical care is not done properly, resulting in higher skin moisture, contributing to the occurrence of skin diseases. The SCHNAUZER is infested with Mites and will constantly move and chew on the dog. After a series of activities, the dog’s skin will be very itchy, and there will be desquamation, and gradually the dog’s skin will become thick, which leads to extensive depilation. At this time the Schnauzer will not stop scratching the skin of the body, will also use the mouth to bite their own skin, this will also cause some skin damage.


3. Symptoms of skin disease

Once suffering from skin disease, the Schnauzer’s head, nose bridge, eye socket, and the auricular area will have different degrees of small red rash; in addition, the dog’s anterior chest and armpit, there will also be some Erythema on the inner thighs and at the base of the tail, which will gradually cover the whole body. There are small red spots on the dog’s body at the beginning of the picture, which gradually forms nodules, especially in areas where the skin is thin, there are pustules or small blisters, and then there are putrefied skin-like Dander, under the bite of a dog, scab forms, causing the skin to thicken and eventually the coat to shed in large areas. In addition to symptoms on the skin, dogs can also become restless, affecting rest and feeding. If parents don’t spot the changes in time, the Schnauzer will waste away and die.

4. Treatments for skin diseases

Novice owners who do not have any breeding experience can take the dog to a professional pet hospital for treatment, under the guidance of a veterinarian to the dog debridement, and then smear drugs, treatment.

If the owner is experienced, use soapy water to help clean the dog’s skin, shave the dog if needed, and then apply motor oil or diesel oil to the affected area. But in the process of smearing must avoid oil spills into the dog’s eyes, the inside can also point to the dog eye drops in advance to prevent conjunctival inflammation.

In addition, if the dog is in a large area of skin inflammation, the owner can be treated in stages, this can also effectively prevent the dog’s skin defense ability to decline, causing unnecessary skin infections.

Regardless of which treatment the owner uses, it is best done under the supervision of a veterinarian.