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Some things that the owners shouldn’t do when the dog is just getting home

In the same way that we have acclimatization, dogs have some stress reactions to being in a completely unfamiliar environment. So the first thing a dog owner should do after taking the dog home is not to feed or clean the dog, but to keep the dog quiet and get acquainted with the environment. Only gradually adapt to their living environment, the dog will have a relative reduction in the risk of adverse reactions. The most important thing to do when you first arrive at your new home is to get your dog acclimated.


Taboo one; Wash and clean your dog as soon as it enters the house

Most new dogs are dirty and have a little smell, so many owners will give the dog a thorough cleaning, and then hold it to play, but such behavior is detrimental to the dog. The dog will not adapt to the new environment, afraid, at this time the dog’s resistance is very weak, the bath is easy to let it catch a cold, and cause dog distemper and other diseases that will be fatal to the dog, so we must remember not to give a dog a bath when he first comes home. If he is dirty, you can limit his area or give him a dry-cleaning powder, just don’t wet the dog and give it a bath. We don’t bathe the dogs until they’ve been fully vaccinated.

Taboo two: Give dogs to eat meat, drink milk

You may think the dog is very weak, looking at its poor little appearance, you would like to feed it something delicious. And you love watching your dog gobble up your prepared food, but that’s not the way to do it. Dogs, especially puppies, have very fragile stomachs, are prone to vomiting and diarrhea, meat and milk are the things that can cause gastrointestinal problems, and diarrhea is very difficult to treat when the dog is weak, so you have to understand this dog knowledge is: the Safest Diet for dogs is dog food plus boiled water, although it looks a little light, however, it won’t cause any problems (it’s also best not to feed the puppy food first, the owner can feed the puppy some goat milk powder). Dogs need balanced, adequate, and well-balanced nutrition when they grow up. If their owners don’t know how to choose a good formula, they should choose a brand that has some visibility. After the dog has fully adapted to the new environment, they can start feeding the cake.


Taboo three: Take your dog outside

Leaving aside the fact that it is not recommended to take your dog outside until it has been fully vaccinated, and that it is not safe to take your puppy outside, we can not be sure about some of the factors that are causing the disturbance in the outside world. A dog is likely to be attacked by an unclaimed dog or by a dog who is not wearing a leash. And there’s certainly no time for basic training for puppies who have just been picked up. This makes it difficult to ensure that the dog doesn’t gobble things up outside. In addition, dogs that are not fully vaccinated are inherently less resistant and can be quite susceptible to infection if they come into contact with the excrement of some sick dogs. Therefore, the owner must not on a whim, with the dog did not do any protective measures to go out.

Taboo four: Exterminate immediately

The dog’s previous living environment was not clean, which may lead to the dog suffering from parasites. However, it is not advisable to rush to deworming for the dogs who have just returned home. deworming at a young age is also recommended, deworming agents can have health consequences for dogs and can even cause poisoning problems.

So the main thing for new puppies is to familiarize them with the new environment. After they have fully adapted, we will take them to get vaccinated when it is time to do so, we must make sure that the dog is in good health when we get the vaccine, otherwise, we should not get the vaccine.