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Six points for attention before raising a Corgi

Nowadays, many people like to keep a pet dog at home. Watching them sometimes likable and sometimes dull can make their mood more pleasant, and also equal to having a friend in life. Corgi, as a very cute dog, has become the preferred choice for many people to keep pets. Its long body, short legs, and round buttocks have been loved by many people. Before we raise Corgi, we need to know the following its six growth habits. Otherwise, there will be many problems. Next, let’s have a look.

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1. Stubborn

As a proud dog, they usually make their own. No matter what orders they receive from their owners, they pretend not to hear the same thing. In other words, they don’t care what the owner says. Therefore, many people are grieved and feel as if they have a master at home.

2. No training

If you don’t take part in training, it has a lot to do with their stubbornness. If you train him, he doesn’t even listen to the general orders, let alone let them train in many ways. This is why Corgi is not easy to be regarded as a military dog. When the owner interacts with him, he can make clear the instructions of the owner’s family, which is very good.

3. Intervertebral disc is very easy to be injured

We all know that Corgi is a small animal with long legs and short legs. As the legs are too short, the working pressure of intervertebral discs is much greater than that of other dogs. If they often go up and down the sloping road, they will be injured in the intervertebral disc, and more seriously, they will continue to cause bone fractures. Therefore, people with higher buildings or more indoor stairs in their homes should not support Corgi as much as possible.

4. Poor gastrointestinal tract

In addition to being arrogant and arrogant in temperament, the corgi dog is also very arrogant and sensitive, and the gastrointestinal tract is not very sensitive. If you feed them, if the dog accidentally eats, it will appear vomiting and diarrhea, so if you want to keep Corgi, you must be careful in your daily diet.

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5. It’s very easy to get fat

If you usually walk up the street and observe it, you will find that many Corgis look fleshy. Is it a big family genetic inheritance? That’s not necessarily true. Because Corgi is a kind of more able to eat dogs, and they are not too partial to eat, so they are very easy to get fat. Therefore, if you don’t want it to look plump afterward, the owner should pay attention to control his appetite when feeding, which can not only prevent it from gaining weight but also avoid taking too much to cause stomach discomfort.

6. Hair loss

Although almost all puppies have hair loss characteristics, Corgi dogs lose hair very seriously. Don’t think that they are small, but they have serious hair loss. It is estimated that the hair loss by Corgi in a year can be used as a wig cover for a person. Therefore, people who keep Corgimust clean up the environment at home every day, otherwise they will eat some dog hair when they have a meal.
In addition, when raising it, the owners should try their best to give them some light dishes instead of greasy or salty ingredients, otherwise, their hair loss will be more serious. After watching the above six o’clock, I don’t know the one in front of the screen. Do you want to raise a corky? Although Corgi has so many defects, it still doesn’t hinder many people to support them, because they are really too popular!