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Six ingredients that Schnauzer can’t eat

In the whole process of feeding the Schnauzer, the owner has given it ingredients other than dog food, in fact, Schnauzer can not eat a lot of human food, especially the following six ingredients, a good owner, never come to feed it. Let’s take a look at it together.


1. Chocolate

Why is chocolate such a deadly chronic poison for Schnauzer, when it is so delicious to eat and drink? Because chocolate contains two chemicals, theobromine, and theobromine, both of which belong to the hydroxyl tyrosine family and are responsible for Schnauzer poisoning. When a dog 1 kg intake of 9 ~ 50 mg of hydroxytyrosine, there will be slight or even mild and moderate signs of poisoning, usually mainly for nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal excitement, and so on. When a dog Ingests 40 mg of hydroxylysine from 1 kg of Hugh, it will show symptoms of moderate to severe food poisoning, cardiac arrest, and even death.

2. Raisins

In fact, the toxicological mechanism by which red refers to its dried blueberries is still unclear. Seems to include schnauzer agents or a specific physical response that causes hypohemolytic shock and renal ischemia. Studies have found that dried blueberries are more likely to cause schnauzer poisoning than fresh red berries. Some owners may say, our dog used to eat grapes how okay ah! This could have happened because Schnauzer wasn’t eating enough, and the small amount didn’t hurt. Second, the dog liver and kidney function damage to do more than 70% will be the main performance!

Symptoms of red extract poisoning:
Typically, nausea and vomiting occur within twenty-four 12 hours of exposure to red wine. Laboratory tests show that the majority of dogs suffer from kidney failure.

3. Maltitol

Maltitol believes that many people like to eat it, but the master must not give Maltol Schnauzer to eat, because twenty-four hours do not solve, can cause, Schnauzer more serious liver failure and death. Home Whitening toothpaste, bubble gum, and so on, the owner must put well! After Maltitol, symptoms usually appear within 30 minutes, or no more than 12 hours at most.

The main symptoms of Schnauzer Maltitol poisoning:
Dogs can be nauseous, lethargic, and have a hard time walking. Liver failure will also occur in dogs, so Schnauzer will have seizures or syncope.


4. Onion

The onion caused Schnauzer’s acute hemolytic disease, but in Schnauzer’s case it was tainted with poisonous ingredients, and in a more serious case it would continue to do so, and Schnauzer lost his life, so the pet owner had to remove the onion from Schnauzer’s list.

Small doses can be toxic
Dogs with a normal body weight of 15-25Kg can become severely anemic within 7-8 days after eating a medium-sized onion.

Symptoms of onion poisoning:
After 1-2 days of eating, Schnauzer is seen to pass a bright red or crimson Hemoglobinuria, as well as nausea and vomiting, loose bowels, mental quiescence, shortness of breath, and splenomegaly.

5. Milk

I believe that many people have given the Schnauzer milk, in fact, many Schnauzer is not allowed to drink pure milk, some Schnauzer drink milk, after all, is diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, so the owner should pay attention.

Why can’t you drink pure milk?
Because milk contains a chemical called whey protein, whey protein is digested by the human body. This is important because the body has a chemical called lactase, which digests the dissolved whey protein, schnauzer didn’t have any of these enzymes in her body, so when Schnauzer ingested milk, the whey protein wouldn’t dissolve properly, causing Schnauzer to develop Lactose intolerance.

What milk can Schnauzer drink?
Although Schnauzer can not drink skim milk but can drink sheep’s milk, oh, sheep’s milk fat particles and its whey protein components are much smaller than milk, nutrients are also very rich, and SCHNAUZER’s digestion and absorption of Goat’s milk digestibility can do 94 above, so Schnauzer milk will not appear intolerance and can improve the resistance of Schnauzer, promote growth and development.

6. Extra salty ingredients

Salt is so important to everyone’s life, it’s so important to Schnauzer, that the right amount of salt, the right amount of salt, is what keeps schnauzer healthy, but the amount of salt is not so good, and Schnauzer has been eating too much salty food for too long, can cause damage to the stomach and kidneys, and damage to Schnauzer’s mental and physical health. Schnauzer salt intake will cause excessive, schnauzer hair removal more serious, salt poisoning, and so on.