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Simple method of training poodle handshake

Every poodle’s parents hope that their poodle is smart, cute, and obedient. It’s better to quickly understand what they’re saying. Is it difficult to accurately respond? In fact, as long as we find the right method of dog training, it’s very simple to do this. For example, most of our dogs shake hands, which is attributed to our parents. At the beginning of training, the most basic and simple training action is the handshake. Why can poodle understand this action so quickly? Besides saying that our poodle is smart, is there any other meaning?

1. Habitual movements:

Because the dog in lactation milk is to press the dog’s mother’s breast through the front paw to stimulate the secretion of milk, so as to ensure that they can drink enough milk. When they grow up, the action of lifting the front paw is inherited and becomes the action of asking for food from the owner. And this action and the handshake movement is consistent, so our poodle can easily learn this action.
When you are enjoying a big meal, if the dog next to you keeps shaking hands with you, it will take seconds to understand ha, the dog is not courting you, the dog is asking for food for you!

2. Focus

The poodle is a kind of dog that doesn’t like to be restrained and loves freedom, so you will find that whether it’s in daily interaction, training, or playing and taking photos, the poodle can’t keep its concentration. In fact, the intelligence quotient of the poodle is equivalent to the intelligence of a child aged four or five. It is not a simple thing to teach a four or five-year-old to learn something. Therefore, we must be patient with the training of the poodle.
First of all, the owner will bring the poodle on the leash, and then find a relatively quiet room to let the poodle do it. Next, you have to stand opposite the dog.

Raise the poodle dog’s head slightly with both hands, let the dog look into your eyes, form a look at it, and then call the dog’s name. When the dog has a reaction, look at it for 10 seconds, and then gently touch it and give rewards and encouragement to the dog. If you repeat this step once or twice a day, you can see the effect in about a week.
As long as we can handle the attention of the poodle, I believe we will cooperate with you when we take pictures of the dog or take pictures with the dog. As long as we get your password, the dog’s attention will be focused on you. The purpose of wearing traction rope is when the dog is not paying attention. Pull down the leash in time so that the dog can see you, so that after a period of time, the dog’s biological clock will be formed. But remember not to repeat too much every day, usually twice a day.