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Should You Shave Your Belgian Malinois?

You should not shave a Belgian Malinois unless advised by your veterinarian. Some owners shave their dogs to reduce shedding. This idea is totally wrong and is not healthy for your dog. Shaving your dog may reduce the loss a little bit, but it’s not good for your dog. Just because you don’t want to deal with the hair in your house, you shouldn’t shave your dog.
These are the things you should consider before buying a hairless Belgian Malinois. Shaving your dog will only interfere with its natural insulation process. Belgian Malinois regulate their temperature in their own way. A haircut and a shave can be the worst thing in the whole process. Shaving will make your dog more exposed to fleas and parasites. When your skin comes into contact with these insects, your Belgian Malinois, is more likely to be bitten by them. These bites can cause skin infections and hair loss in dogs. In hot weather and summer, your dog is more likely to get sunburnt from shaving. Coats and furs can’t protect him from the heat. Last but not least, hair may not grow back in time, and your Belgian Malinois may not have his coat in winter.


Depilation of Belgian Malinois

Unfortunately, Belgian Malinois dogs, like other breeds of dogs, can shed hair. You can avoid losing your dog’s hair by following these simple steps. First, take a look at what your Belgian Malinois may encounter in his life.

What is depilation in Belgian Malinois?

Hair loss is common in almost all breeds or parts of the dog. Although the causes may be different, any dog can have the disease. Hair loss may be caused by allergies, skin infections, improper diet or parasites. You have to make sure you understand the difference between depilation and depilation in Belgian Malinois. Two seasons of hair loss is serious, hair loss or hair loss is reasonable. Hair loss, on the other hand, can be total hair loss in any part of the body. Hair loss can affect dogs of any age. There is no distinction between breed, age, and size. If you notice that your dog has hair loss symptoms, it is important to take your dog to a veterinarian immediately.

Alopecia symptoms in Belgian Malinois

If it’s hard to understand hair loss, look for the following signs in your Belgian Malinois. Your dog’s hair is thinning. Hair has fallen off around the eyes and nose. Some parts of the dog’s body completely lose their hair. Hair loss in the same area on both sides of the body. itch. The skin around the hair loss area is dry. The skin of the hair loss area is inflamed and red. In the worst case, bleeding can be seen in the hair loss area.


Causes of hair loss in Belgian Malinois

There are many reasons for hair loss in Belgian Malinois. Some are common in most varieties, others are rare. Here we will mention all possible reasons.
(1). Excessive use of the collar can cause friction, which can lead to hair loss.
(2). Dog stress can cause hair loss. There are many reasons for this pressure.
(3). Females are most likely to lose their hair after giving birth to a litter.
(4). The bacterial infection is a common cause of hair loss.
(5). Fungal infections such as ringworm are the cause of many dog hair loss.
(6). If you have more lice or lice on your dog, your dog is likely to be scratched or attacked by fleas.
(7). Diseases like hair loss and thyroid disease are the most common causes of hair loss in Malinois, Belgium.

How to prevent Belgian Malinois’s hair loss?

Let’s talk about how to prevent your dog from losing its hair. There may be some techniques to keep your dog out of this situation. Make sure your Belgian Malinois are happy. Mental health is essential. Bad mental health can cause stress.
If you see any signs of hair loss, try to avoid family therapy. Be sure to see the vet as soon as possible. It is crucial to diagnose the problem first.