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Should you let your Golden Retriever sleep with you?

Golden retrievers, like most ordinary domestic dogs, are mild-mannered and very friendly to others. But many pet owners who are raising golden retrievers would love to sleep in the same bed with him. But do the masters know the harm of sleeping in the same bed as Blondie? Now let’s take a look at some of the worst things that can happen if we share a bed with a Golden Retriever.


Hazard  1:

Like we have some bacteria on the surface of the human skin, and the golden retriever’s skin has some of the dog’s bacteria. If the owner is always sleeping with the golden retriever, the germs from the golden retriever are likely to spread to the owner. When these bacteria reach the surface of the skin, they cause certain diseases in humans. Although many owners bathe their golden retrievers regularly, some parasites and bacteria can not be seen with the naked eye. And sometimes, it’s precise because these bacteria are bad for our health.

Hazard 2:

Some owners can’t stand the golden retriever’s poor looks, so they always take him to their bed and sleep with him. But after a long time, the golden retriever will think that he is the master, think that the master status is lower than his. This time it will become no master of the concept, in many ways it has become more arrogant. Like goldilocks sometimes at home to urinate, if the owner scolded it, it will become very angry or even serious words will bite people, but all this is from the owner of its pet!


Hazard 3:

If you keep putting him to bed, it may lead to the golden retriever becoming a habit. Golden retrievers will become more dependent on their owners, which is not good for golden retrievers’ independence. If some of the hosts arrive home late, the waiting time may make Golden Retriever anxious and frustrated. It’s also bad for the golden retriever’s mental health. So more training is needed to make the golden retriever more independent. When we train the dog can be prepared for some dog snacks so that the training will be better. If we are going to help him get rid of this bad habit, we can prepare a comfortable doghouse. Then put the owner’s clothes in the Kennel, so that the golden retriever will sleep better. Then put the Kennel on the master’s bed, if the golden retriever still wants to sleep with the master, this time the heart must not be soft. If he does, reward him with a snack. After a few nights, the golden retriever will get used to sleeping in his own nest.
For the puppy just arrived home, because the environment is very strange it will have the psychology of fear. It was inevitable to bring him to bed at this time. First of all, if you want to soothe the puppy, you can put his nest in a place where the owner can touch it. This is a good way to soothe his interest while he is sleeping and to reach out and touch him when his owner finds him emotionally unstable. If he cries out in fear, the owner can make a sound to let the golden retriever know that he is with him at all times.

That’s all there is to know about the dangers of sleeping with a Golden Retriever, and I’m sure you can appreciate the seriousness of the situation. Then use these tips to help your golden retriever become more independent.