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Should I let my French bulldog sleep with me?

Should you let your French bulldog sleep with you? We often hear French Bulldog owners complain that their puppies sleep with them a year later. This is a common challenge for most French Bulldog owners, although there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your French Bulldog falls asleep on its own at the beginning. You can follow these steps to help your French Bulldog go to bed by itself.


French Bulldogs need time to adapt to the new environment

As with any training, it’s crucial to start training from the first day you have a French Bulldog. It’s normal for French Bulldogs to miss their companions and cry on the first day after they leave the farm. French Bulldogs need some time to adapt to new places and new families, and they naturally want to cuddle in your bed.

Don’t let your French Bulldog sleep in your bed

If you let French Bulldogs sleep in your bed, it’s hard to get them out of your bed. The most important thing for you is to be consistent from the beginning. To attract your French Bulldog, follow these steps. You have to prepare a very comfortable, fluffy dog bed, French Bulldog will like from the first moment. It should be a comfortable, soft place, a little higher than the floor. It can be a crate or a mat, none of which is better or worse than the other. You can put a dress here. French Bulldogs have a strong sense of smell, it can help them feel close to you. You can prepare special soft toys. You can buy some French Bulldogs in the dog shop. They like sleeping.

You need a very comfortable place for your French Bulldog

If your family decides not to let the French Bulldog sleep in your bed, it should be agreed and supported by all family members.

What if your French Bulldog keeps crying or doesn’t want to lie in bed?

French Bulldogs sleep better when they are tired. Make sure he or she has enough time to be outdoors. If you challenge them and arrange training and games before you want them to go to bed, they will crave some sleep.


Let your French Bulldog have enough activity before going to bed

Use the same command to get him or her back in their place: “go to sleep.” And show it with your hand gestures. Remember, the tone of your voice is more important than what you say. Repeat until they do, don’t let them end up in your bed. If the French Bulldog cries, make sure there’s no other reason, except maybe missing their brothers and sisters. Use a command, such as “stop crying,” and repeat the command until he or she stops crying. You can start feeding them or bring them to your bed, and they will know that a little weeping can make a big difference, and they will keep doing it every day.

Keep up with your French Bulldog

If you can’t find any other reason and your French Bulldog still doesn’t want to stay in the dog’s bed, you can try different types of beds: a mat, or a bigger crate. It only takes a few days, your patience and persistence, and your French Bulldog will happily sleep in their bed.