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Should I get a male or female Italian greyhound?

Are you thinking about adopting a Greyhound? Have you decided to have a female Greyhound? So you won’t be alone, many people have the same mentality, unfortunately, this choice is often at the expense of the equally worthy Greyhound male. Please take a moment to read on. Maybe when you finish, you will be more open to the gender of your potential new Greyhound pet. In Italian Greyhound rescue and rehabilitation organizations, a common problem is that a male Greyhound is more difficult to recover than a female greyhound. Sometimes a male Italian Greyhound will see a changing production line of female Italian Greyhound arrive and successfully return home before its turn.


Are female Italian Greyhound softer or cuter than male Italian Greyhound?

This view is wrong. Each Greyhound’s behavior and temperament are very different. Therefore, it is unfair to judge only by the gender of the greyhound. There are also some very tender boys and girls in Italy, as well as some very tender boys and girls.

Is a female Greyhound less enthusiastic than a male Greyhound?

It’s totally untrue. There are Greyhound boys and girls that are easy on other breeds of dogs and sometimes cats too. There are also several “sharp” Greyhound bitches and dogs that need to work hard and retrain to be safe around other animals. A common phrase. It works for males sometimes, so most Greyhound homing centers are grateful.

Are male Italian Greyhounds strong?

This is also a very general point of view. The figure and strength of boy Greyhound and girl Greyhound are different. There are elegant boys and girls, there are some real “power station” bitches. Strength and ease of going out are not directly related to the size of the greyhound. There are small, but incredibly powerful Greyhound,s and some giant Greyhound are very easy and enjoyable to walk on.


Do male Greyhounds have excessive sexual desire or vagrancy?

It’s possible that every kind of dog will have open sex with a male, but this is a very rare Greyhound in the world. There castration is an effective treatment. Castration (giving the dog hormones to stabilize for a while) will eliminate all sexual impulses, but it won’t change your dog’s character. The risk and cost of castration is much lower than that of sterilization. Female Italian Greyhound will also suffer from “hormonal moment”. Before they are castrated, you will have potential problems, such as the change of temperament, the desire to mate or nest, the unpleasant chaotic season, the neighborhood dog’s worry about being attracted by your female dog, the worry about major surgery, and the relatively expensive veterinary fees.
Before you have a greyhound, please consider whether you want to have a boy or a girl. Don’t judge whether any Greyhound has the ability to be a good pet just by gender. Male Italian Greyhound should also have the opportunity to experience family life.