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Should I get a male or female Ibizan Hound?

Both male and female ibizan hound are great. If you give me a chance, maybe some exclamations will not disappear, but as far as I know, people who have been raising them for decades tell me that these ibizan hound are wonderful. There are some common personality differences between male and female ibizan hound. For example, male ibizan hound tends to be more affectionate, while female ibizan hound tends to be more sociable. If you’re a little uncomfortable with the word “mother” ibizan hound, you’re not alone. The word is often abused outside the context of dogs, which makes it toxic. Therefore, in this guide, we simply refer to dogs as male ibizan hound and female ibizan hound.

Advantages and disadvantages of male ibizan Hound

In general, the male ibizan hound tends to be larger. Often you have to consider if you choose one when ibizan Hound is still a puppy. Ibizan hound usually needs stronger and more confident training than his mother. However, once trained, ibizan Hound is often a good, stable family dog that adapts to a variety of situations. If your male ibizan Hound is not castrated, you need to make sure it has a movement area that he can’t escape. Especially if there’s a female dog nearby warming up.

Is ibizan hound good to the kids?

Male ibizan hound doesn’t have much parent-child instinct, so they tend to see their children as potential playmates, rather than as oddly shaped puppies! This sometimes makes things a little noisy. It’s important that children don’t be frightened and make ibizan hound feel one or two steps ahead of them on the group ladder. However, there is a big difference between different breeds. Some male dogs can love and protect their children like female dogs.

Temperament of male ibizan Hound

Male ibizan Hound is usually more affectionate than female ibizan hound, and some dogs do crave human attention. You’ll find that it’s always you who end up hugging and annoying. Ibizan hound can be happy all day!

How to train male ibizan hound dogs?

In the family environment, most male ibizan hound tend to become giant puppies, take a long time to mature, and usually maintain this naughty puppy flavor throughout their life. When you train them, it usually makes it hard for them to focus. Ibizan hound’s love of attention is your secret weapon – when they do it right, they give them a lot of trouble, and they try to understand what makes you so happy!

Advantages and disadvantages of female ibizan Hound


Female ibizan hound tends to be more responsive to training and is less likely to wander or try to trade training time for cuddle time! They’re also better at interacting with other dogs, which makes it easier for you to strengthen your training when you’re out.

Estrus of female ibizan Hound

If your ibizan hound female is in this season, you need to be careful. Any male dog that has not been euthanized will bark and be stubborn at best, and accidental mating is always possible. They won’t take long, and a female ibizan hound can be as interested as a male in this season! False pregnancies may also occur in the lifetime of female ibizan hound. She usually appears only twice a year in this season, but it bleeds for up to 10 days at the relevant time, so it needs to be kept outdoors or in a place you can easily clean. She does most of the cleaning herself, but there are still some drops to wipe off.

Is male or female ibizan hound good for children?

A lot depends on the variety or combination of your ibizan hound. But some people choose a female dog. If they have children, because many women, ibizan hound, are naturally more protective of young people, they will come to see your children as oversized puppies.

Temperament of female ibizan Hound

Generally speaking, female ibizan Hound is more independent than male ibizan hound and requires less attention. They like hugging as much as any male dog, but they tend to take themselves away when they want to rest. Buy a Ibizan Hound.

Training of female ibizan Hound

It has always been said that ibizan hound females are easier to train than males because they are not easily distracted, which may be true. But if you look at the history of dog show winners, a larger proportion are male ibizan hound. You should also note that female ibizan Hound is almost untrained in the heat. Both male and female Ibizan Hound are great, which one would you prefer?