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Should I get a male or female German Wirehaired Pointer?

Should you get a male or female German Wirehaired Pointer? If you ask me to summarize the characters of male and female German wired pointer in one sentence, I will tell you that they are both very human. Every time we take a truck, we should have a German wired pointer in the passenger seat. When I put him in the fence to keep a female German wired pointer, he was very angry with me, as if he didn’t understand why I wanted to keep a dog for him. When my husband and I were sitting on the sofa, it usually only took a while for his head to appear on our thighs, then one forepaw, the other forepaw, and then suddenly there was a 60-pound German wired pointer adjusting himself to fit me. Forget to watch TV, finish dinner, or whatever you want to do.


Female German Wirehaired pointer is more clingy

On the other hand, the female German wired pointer felt as if they knew they were dogs. German wired pointer will also sneak onto the sofa. Once it’s finished, they will find a place to put their head or claws on you. The most common situation is that I have a sweet face on my leg, and they point their eyes at my eyes and ask to scratch their ears. The way we choose puppies on the ranch starts with a male or a female. Many people struggle with this decision either because they never thought about it or because they don’t know the difference. After watching a lot of families bring their puppies home and listening to their stories, I have been able to explain in words the difference between a male German wired pointer and a female German wired pointer.

Male German wired pointer is more loyal

We take the male German wired pointer home to a new family, and within a few days, they will be loyal, sometimes on the way home. Out of loyalty, German wired pointer will do whatever you ask them to do. They just love you and want to please you. German wired pointer just looked at me as if to ask, “OK, mom, what do you want to do next? “I’m just happy to be a part of his job.
On the other hand, it takes longer for a female German wired pointer to establish loyalty to her family. It usually starts with one person and then slowly moves on to others (although there are strategies that can go through the process more easily). It’s like girls have heard about feminism, they think they are equal, so they’re not blindly loyal, they want you to win it. They tend to test you more and make you work for it. Once you make money, they do work for you, but usually on their terms.

The relationship between female and male German wired pointer

The male German wired pointer is very emotional, but they are often a little clumsy, so sometimes their feelings are a little big (remember how Buster thought he was a pet dog?). Male German Wirehaired Pointer knows little about your personal bubble, while girls respect your space more. They can be aggressive, but not as aggressive as boys. They’re also more coordinated, so they don’t look overwhelming when they climb on you, because they disperse their weight better.


The female’s hunting ability of the German Wirehaired Pointer

I have been asked this question. Isn’t it because the male German wired pointer is bigger that they are better at hunting? Aren’t girls better hunters because they need to support young people? To be fair, I didn’t notice any differences. Yes, it’s true that males are bigger, and they tend to cover more land in field trials, but for a family hunter, you don’t notice all these differences. I hunted my boys and girls, and they behaved fairly equally. As a matter of fact, there are good days and bad days for German wirehaired pointer hunting, so sometimes my female German wirehaired pointer does better, and sometimes my male German wirehaired pointer does better. It all depends on that day.