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Should I Feed My Chihuahua dry or wet food?

Dog food may seem simple, but when it comes to deciding what your Chihuahua should eat, all options are overwhelming. One of the first comparisons you’ll face is wet and dry dog food. First, consider your Chihuahua’s overall health, age, and behavioral needs. Both foods are good choices, but it’s important to look at the benefits of each food to determine which food is right for your dog.

1. Benefits of wet dog food

Wet dog food, or often referred to as canned dog food, is a good source that you don’t often get so much dry. This includes higher water content: wet dog food is particularly important for hydration. If your dog doesn’t drink enough water, or if you live in a dry, hot climate, a portion of wet dog food can keep your dog hydrated properly. Even so, you should make sure your dog has access to fresh water at all times.
Help dogs that have difficulty chewing: dogs can have a variety of problems with hard spelling, such as missing teeth, dislocated jaws, and even a very small mouth. In this case, canned dog food can be much easier for them to manage. Brown dogs eat from a blue bowl in the backyard.
Smell: older dogs lose some sense of smell, so they may not be able to enjoy dry food as much as they used to. Wet foods such as beef and barley main course have a more rich smell and flavor, which can stimulate the increase of appetite.
Fullness: the higher moisture content of canned food usually helps the dog feel full. This may be useful for weight management programs for those dogs who seem to have an infinite appetite.

2. Benefits of dry dog food

Dry dog food is rich in nutrients and is famous for its following characteristics:
Convenience: the dog can eat at his own speed without worrying about the deterioration of dry food all day.
Economy: dry dog food can be purchased and stored in bulk cheaper than wet dog food.
Help clean Chihuahua’s teeth: some dog food formulas are designed to reduce plaque, stains, and tartar build-up, which can also scrape away the deposits from your dog’s teeth.
Rich environment: dry food is often easier to use in food jigsaw toys, which helps to entertain your dog at work and control the food intake of “hungry” people. Because your dog is not hunting for dinner, getting the mental stimulation of food from educational toys can improve its quality of life.

3. Balance the dry and wet food

The third option is to choose wet and dry food. You can mix food in the same bowl, give Chihuahua dry dog food in the morning, wet him in the evening, or give him some wet food as a “treat” for his special behavior. Just make sure your dog doesn’t increase calories when mixing these foods, especially if he has a weight control program.
Remember, you should avoid mixing different brands, especially if your dog is eating therapeutic food. Hill’s pet nutrition is specially formulated to meet your pet’s needs. By mixing different brands, you can dilute the precise balance of Hill’s nutrition.
Talk to your veterinarian
If you have any concerns about your dog’s health, or if your chihuahua should eat dry or wet dog food, you can consult your veterinarian. Whatever you decide to do, when you’re wet and dry, make sure you follow these guidelines when changing your dog food for the most smooth transition. You can also have your dog tell you what kind of food he likes. When you ask him to start a new eating habit for the first time, you should observe his eating habits to see if he is attracted by a habit. It just doesn’t disturb his digestive system too often. In addition, make sure that the food you choose is balanced and meets the nutritional needs of your dog’s health considerations.