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Should I choose a male portuguese water dog?

Should I choose a male Portuguese water dog? Male Portuguese water dog is usually strong and muscular. Male Portuguese water dog has abundant simple hair, wavy or curly. Two styles of hairpins can be seen on this breed: the lion clip, the muzzle of the male Portuguese Water Dog and the middle part, all the way to the tip of the tail. The whole fur of the male Portuguese water dog was cut off, about 1 inch long, and the tip of the tail of the male Portuguese water dog remained full length again. The expression of male Portuguese water dog is often stable, penetrating and focused, which reflects their spiritual temperament.

Nursing care of male Portuguese Water Dog

Male Portuguese water dog is an energetic working dog, which needs regular exercise to avoid boredom. In addition to regular walks (and lots of swimming if possible), male Portuguese Water Dog thrives on training activities such as agility, nose work, dock diving, healing work and obedience. A long walk every day, plus a lot of play time and brain stimulation activities, are necessary to keep the Portuguese water dog in the best mental and physical condition.

Does male Portuguese Water Dog lose hair?

Although the male Portuguese water dog does not shed, this breed of dog still needs regular and frequent extensive grooming. Male Portuguese water dog should be brushed two to three times a week and trimmed once a month to prevent their hair from being tangled or tangled. For mal Portuguese water dog who often swim, comprehensive nursing measures should be taken to ensure that their skin, fur and ears are properly cleaned to prevent infection or inflammation caused by salt or chemicals. Buy a Portuguese Water Dog.

How to train male Portuguese water dog?

In terms of training, most male Portuguese water dogs like to learn and adapt to new skills quickly through positive reinforcement. Training the body of male Portuguese water dog is a good way to establish their relationship with human beings, which can help alleviate the behavior problems caused by boredom. Because of their fast learning speed, male Portuguese water dog is a special treatment and service dog, which is often good at competitive dog sports. Generally speaking, male Portuguese water dog is very friendly and likes to be close to the host. It is true that male Portuguese water dog has an independent pedigree, but after proper exercise and training, many male Portuguese water dogs are very good behaviors, and they try to please. People who are interested in training male Portuguese water dog as a treatment dog should pay attention to the unique personality characteristics of individual dogs and work closely with treatment dog training organizations (such as pet partner or treatment dog International) to ensure that the dog is suitable for and effectively trains the role.