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Several most common dog allergies

There are often many different suspended particles floating in the air. These are the elements that cause allergies to humans or pets. But we humans can know why we have tears and runny noses by asking a doctor, but dogs cannot tell their pain. As a dog owner, you have to carefully observe whether some of their daily actions are different from their usual habits. Then what kind of symptoms and most common dog allergies will happen to dogs?

The first is non-stop sneezing! In addition to colds, dogs who are allergic may sneeze all the time. Sneezing is sometimes accompanied by tears. Because allergens in the air cause unstoppable tears or sneezing, you must seek medical treatment or eat quickly. Allergy medicine should not be ignored!

Sometimes you see dogs scratching itching all the time, one of them may be flea bites or skin diseases, of course, it may also be due to allergies! The most common dog allergies is that many dogs are allergic to pollen and dust mites and cause atopic dermatitis in dogs. These will cause the dog’s skin to be red, swollen and itchy.

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Sometimes dogs have been licking their legs, ears, and face with their tongues and their hair has changed color. They use continuous licking to relieve the symptoms of discomfort, this situation is observed that owners should look for medical attention quickly.

What if you see your dog keep tickling? It may be due to dog allergies. In addition to itching, the symptoms of allergies also include continuous tearing. There are many reasons for most common dog allergies, but what are the common allergens?

Bug in the grass

The first is fleas, scabies, hair follicles and other small bugs hidden in the grass. These bugs often bite them when they are playing on the grass. Even if they do not cause their allergies, they will also cause the dogs’ skin. The best way to avoid itching is to do the vitro deworming frequently to avoid these insect bites.

Shower Gel

The shower gel used when the dog takes a bath, if it contains chemical ingredients, or uses human shower gel or soap. It is also one of the factors that may cause dog allergies, and it is also very harmful to the dog’s skin. Therefore, when choosing a dog, you must carefully choose a pet shower gel that is pure and non-toxic and does not harm the pet. , So that it will not damage their skin without cleaning well.


When the season changes, there will be a lot of pollen floating in the air, and some shit shovelers plant a lot of flowers and plants at home. This is also a possible source of allergies for dogs. In addition to making the dog’s skin itchy, it may also cause them to sneeze. The way is to avoid the path of blooming flowers; in addition, there are many dusts or suspended particles in the air now, which not only cause allergies to humans, but also harm dogs. You can also drink more water for dogs to pass water metabolism.

Food allergy

Sometimes we humans are allergic to certain foods, fruits or seafood. For example, some people are allergic to mango. This is also true for dogs. When we feed dogs with fruit or change dry food, we can also observe whether they suddenly have unbearable itching. If so, we can first try to stop the new dog food. Observe that It is not allergies caused by food. In addition, it is also recommended that when changing dog food for dogs, you’d better not change all at once, but you can feed the new and old dog food together, and then you ought to gradually reduce the proportion of the old dog food, so that the dog can adapt to the new dog food to reduce the dog’s allergies may.

Bacteria and mold in the air

Also, the air is full of bacteria and molds, and there are many dust mites in the house, because dust mites live on the dander that people shed. These are also common causes of dog allergies. The best The way to avoid it is to use disinfectant to clean and keep the home clean, fresh and not damp. Dog towels such as human bedding are often exposed to the sun to disinfect and kill mites. This will yield good results.