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Seven acts if the Schnauzer hates its owner

Schnauzer had a very handsome face, intelligent, heroic, and loved to socialize with his hosts. But if you do something unpleasant to him, even the Meek Schnauzer will hate his master. If Schnauzer does these seven things, it means he hates you. Let’s take a look at it together.


1. Schnauzer hides items the owners need:

Schnauzer is a smart, calculating dog who knows that you can get more and more embarrassed by putting away things you often use or love. So if your belongings are suddenly missing and there is no one else in the house, it’s likely that the Schnauzer at home is hiding them. And if Schnauzer does that often, it shows that he really doesn’t like you, or even hates you, and expects that from the family dog!

2. Schnauzer rejects the owner’s tough:

Schnauzer is a dog who enjoys the company of his owner and generally enjoys the touch of his owner. But if Schnauzer at home resists your touch, or even touches it, and gnashes his teeth at you, in order to bite you, he really hates you. It’s time for the owners to think about what they’ve done that Schnauzer hates so much!

3. Hide and not seek with the owner

Dogs are naturally clingy to their owners, and Schnauzer is no exception, but if Schnauzer is hiding from you, hiding from you, and not allowing you to search, he may be bored and unwilling to be with you. Sometimes even if you’re looking for it and it won’t stop barking, it won’t talk to you, or if you go and it goes away, then you should be aware that Schnauzer might not be happy!

4. Schnauzer rips things up at home

Schnauzer was decisive and charming, but in general, it was not easy to tear a family apart. If a Schnauzer is always tearing up the house and causing trouble, the owner first has to consider whether he has less time to wait for the dog and then needs to consider whether he hates you so much because of what you do to Schnauzer, there appears to be a single act of teaing down the house!

5. Intentional littering

In addition to making trouble at home, some Schnauzer hated the owner and would continue to deliberately litter the house to irritate the owner. A dog as smart as Schnauzer will continue to deliberately pick out areas that can’t be cleaned, such as fabric sofas, bedroom beds, dining room kitchens, and walls and feet. Schnauzer would do that, in effect, to express his dissatisfaction with you, to let you know that you are hated by it!


6. Fighting against the owner all the time

Schnauzer is a more individual dog, not only has its own ideas, but also a very small mind. If you don’t treat it well, it will hold a grudge against you, it won’t follow your orders, it will do everything you tell it to do, and it will ignore everything you tell it to do. If the Schnauzer has to do everything against you, show that he really hates you, and expect nothing from home!

7. Schnauzer marks its territory

Schnauzer’s sense of territory is strong, marking, fighting for territory, and so on are all an important part of their daily life. If Schnauzer assigned an area of his home to his own base, even as the owner, you can not enter, indicating that it is indeed boring, do not put you into the eyes. If your dog has this notion of being the boss, it’s important for the pet owner to exercise some sense of obedience, create the right level of connection, and let him know that you are the master of the House! Training, the owner can be used to point the chicken jerky snacks as a reward, the actual effect will be better!