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Samoyed’s temperament

Because of the interaction between Samoyeds and human beings, they have a very friendly relationship and thrive in the company of human beings. Owners and trainers of samoyed often refer to it as a “gentle breed.”. Samoyed dogs, known as human dogs, are friendly to family members. The Samoan temperament exudes a friendly temperament. They are not aggressive or dangerous at all. Samoans live in harmony with humans and other animals that grew up with them. They are smart and social dogs with a friendly atmosphere and need love and attention.

Samoyed is friendly

As we all know, the Samoyed prefer to interact and connect with humans more closely. Keeping them alone in your backyard can make Samoans alienated, painful, and even hostile. Samoyed dogs are known to be intelligent and independent dogs, so it’s best to keep them busy because not performing any tasks can lead to annoying behaviors such as digging, jumping over fences, and chewing shoes. As with human behavior, it is important to note that ignoring or abusing Samoan dogs can lead to dullness, shyness, and aggressive behavior. An interesting fact is that the Samoyed, because of their friendly character, are not aggressive towards cats. It may be a relief for those with many pet families. Although the Samoan aggressive behavior is rare, if provoked, it will appear when they are in pain or fear of others or animals.


Samoyed is a good family dog

No one wants to have a pet that instills fear among friends, family, children, or strangers in the dog park. In your neighbor’s house, Samoyed with a smile is definitely your favorite. Samoyed will occupy a special place in the hearts of toddlers or older children because they show a high degree of love for their children. Young children are lively and can keep up with them because they are energetic and energetic. For a toddler, Samoyed is more gentle; for an older child, he is more like a playmate and guardian, who does not abandon his responsibility in case of danger. Samoyed likes older children who are willing to spend time with them or just take them for a walk. Samoyed dogs are also friendly to children outside the family and show the same loving demeanor, which makes them very suitable as family dogs.