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Saint Bernard for sale

Are you looking for the breeder of Saint Bernard for sale? Let’s first learn about the basic situation of Saint Bernard. Artistically, St. Bernard is known for wearing a barrel around its neck. It is one of the largest working dogs today, weighing between 130 and 180 pounds. This breed is famous for its size, dark eyes and long tail.


An overview of Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard existed in AD 980. these gentle giants were originally used as search and rescue dogs, which can be regarded as a clumsy and lovely giant. Able to sense danger and direction, this breed can be a good partner and worker. Because St. Bernard is a large breed, it can often have specific nutritional needs, but does not overfeed Saint Bernard for sale dogs. Be sure to keep in touch with your puppy and give it the proper exercise it needs. St. Bernard needs special care. Big as it is, it’s good for families and good behaved children. It’s eager to be liked, which makes training easier. If you decide to buy a St. Bernard, then you just made a good choice.

Factors affecting Saint Bernard for sale

Buying a Saint Bernard for sale dog from a breeder known for winning the race, or bragging about a unique feature on their dog’s appearance, will bring you extra benefits. These Saint Bernard for sale breeders will rely on the salient features of their dogs to raise the price tag of their puppies. If you want to buy a limited edition of St. Bernard, it really costs money.
Breeding registration documents of Saint Bernard for sale
Some Saint Bernard for sale breeders, especially those who sell puppies with competing pedigrees, register their dogs in a breed registration group (such as AKC in the United States) to verify their dog’s pedigree and breed. This is at the expense of the cost and time of the Saint Bernard for sale keepers, who will pass on the cost and effort to the new pet owners. If you only want to have a Saint Bernard for sale pet, you can find a keeper who doesn’t need it. The price may be lower than the previous offer of $1000-200. However, if you are going to take part in a prized competition or show up with your St. Bernard, then this is a must.

The dog age of Saint Bernard for sale

Like most dog breeds, the Saint Bernard for sale puppies are sold between 8 and 12 weeks old because they are old enough to survive on their own, but still very young, they are still dependent and can easily connect with their new owners.
Of course, not all dogs were sold during this period, and so were St. Bernard dogs, despite the high demand. If you see a Saint Bernard for sale, and the price of Saint Bernard for sale seems to be a little lower than usual, it may be because of the age of the puppies.

Health examination and vaccine of Saint Bernard for sale

Some, but not all, Saint Bernard for sale breeders may pass on to their customers the cost of checking dams during pregnancy and the cost of vaccinating their pups. When you take your dog to the veterinarian for tests, be sure to get copies of these tests for future reference.

The breeder of Saint Bernard for sale

If you’re going to buy Saint Bernard for sale, the breeder is a famous seller of healthy pups, especially if they have participated in many competitions themselves, you can not only expect a long waiting time, but also get an extra premium because of this reputation. There are Saint Bernard for sale breeders who may be considered to be running a puppy mill. I don’t recommend buying from such places, because the dam of these puppies is usually overworked, you may end up with a sick pup, which will cost you more long-term. A good Saint Bernard for sale breeder will be happy to show you the parents of your pups because they are confident in the health and condition of their dogs. You can also ask them for extra advice on taking care of your new puppy, as they already have a lot of experience with their belts.

Where can you buy a Saint Bernard for sale dog?


Puppy Mills

Offering a relatively low price place for their puppy may be the most tempting place to buy your St. Bernard, but it may be a puppy mill disguised as a reputable seller. As mentioned earlier, there is a high chance of getting a sick puppy from these types of mills, which can lead to more costs and heartbreak in the long run. The average price of a Saint Bernard for sale puppy from a puppy factory: 400-600 dollars

Backyard breeder

Although they may also give their puppies cheap, it is often due to unplanned pet pregnancies that cannot take care of extra dogs. Although they may not have exactly the same standards as reputable breeders in terms of quality of breeds, etc., they are definitely superior to puppy mills. Saint Bernard for sale may also be the first time to breed, and not all the details have yet been worked out. If you’re just looking for a St. Bernard as a pet, you may be more likely to buy it from a backyard keeper you know or someone you know who recommends it to. The average price of a Saint Bernard for sale puppy in the backyard is $700-1000. Buy a Saint Bernard.

Saint Bernard for sale breeder with a good reputation

These people devote their time to the dog industry and follow ethical standards in raising and raising puppies. They are often well-known in the dog industry, either because they compete in various competitions or simply because of the quality of the pups they breed.
If you are going to buy one of these reputable Saint Bernard for sale breeders, look forward to waiting list puppies and higher prices than usual, especially if the puppies come from champion dam or male. It will also cost you quite a lot of money to make sure they sell one of the puppies. The advantage of this is that you will have an extensive record of the puppies you get, from breed registration documents to medical records of the puppies and parents if you ask them. Some people even offer support after they buy because they want to make sure your puppy is taken good care of. The average price of a Saint Bernard for sale pup in the backyard is $1000-2000, which can go up to $4000 in some cases for puppies bred from champion dogs or those with good pedigrees. Again, these details may not matter to a person who just wants his pet Saint Bernard, but it’s a good thing.