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Pet Dogs Have a Picky Eating Problem, the Main Responsibility Is not in the Dog

In the primitive natural society, the dog basically does not have the right to the food choice, generally eats the food which these fierce men eat, if must say the dog quite likes to eat the spot, that is the animal internal organs. Dogs have a predilection for other animals’ livers and lungs, which is why we see in the animal world, that when dogs attack food on their own, they like to start with the organs, but when they’re in the natural environment, when they finally find something to eat after a long period of hunger, they have no freedom to choose their hobbies, and they always gobble up the food that can satisfy their hunger before them until it is gone.

But everything has changed since dogs cared as a pet, and pet-dog food preferences have changed in all sorts of ways in every family. Pet owners because of their pet dogs, afraid of mistreating their baby, so they always provide them with their favorite, most delicious food, completely regardless of the nutrition of the comprehensive and balanced, as long as their pet dogs love to eat, that is the only ideal food, little by little, in such a feeding environment and habits, gradually developed a pet dog’s picky and partial food. Therefore, the pet dog has the problem of picky eating, the main responsibility is not in the dog.

Pet dogs-have-a-picky-eating-problem-the-main-responsibility-is-not-in-the-dog

Why is the dog  likely to be picky:

For Dogs, water is a very important factor in how much they like their food, which is why dogs are always the first to eat all the canned meat and broth, leaving dry dog food behind, if pet owners often provide their dogs with “wet food, ” canned food, ” or “fresh meat soup with Rice, ” it can be painful duel overtime to bring the dog back to dry food. Sometimes, when a pet owner is at dinner, the dog stares at his owner with a pitiful look, as if begging or more like a silent protest. At this time, the ordinary owner can not resist this kind of sadness, always a soft heart, a heart of compassion, immediately eat their own meat, bone or cake, so slowly the pet dog’s partial food picky bad habit on gradually developed. In other cases, pet owners carefully select a kind of dog food for their dogs and feed it to them. Because dogs who are used to eating canned and wet food are not used to eating this kind of dry food for a while, they are not so active, so pet owners decided that this dog food their baby does not like to eat, for fear of starving his dog, immediately put on his usual favorite food. In fact, in such a move, the pet owner is completely exploited by the dog’s wisdom. Because of the pet owner’s psychological weakness, the pet dog is quickly caught by the pet dog. In the future, the dog will refuse to eat any food that is slightly unpalatable, because, the dog knows that a refusal to eat now will lead to more delicious food.

Pet dogs-have-a-picky-eating-problem-the-main-responsibility-is-not-in-the-dog

Be more patient:

We must not underestimate these cute pet dogs, because their IQ is equivalent to 3-5-year-old children. It is precisely because such a series of incorrect and unscientific feeding habits, only gradually cultivate a dog’s picky eating habits. So we’d better provide a scientific feeding plan for our pet dogs. It’s not that we can’t eat those delicious foods, but we should keep them in moderation, after all, the main food for pet dogs is a dog food that has been prepared by a professional pet nutritionist. Therefore, they should be trained from an early age to eat dog food, dry food and provide adequate drinking water, those canned animal livers and meats can be served regularly as a rewarding, improving food.