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Personality traits of Schnauzer

Schnauzers are small dogs that are very loyal to their owners and are excellent watchdogs. They can be a little unfocused, timid and rude at times, and they can come across as friendly and energetic. Because miniature schnauzers are friendly to humans and children, they are perfect for growing with children.


1. Be expressive:

Schnauzer is a natural companion, alert but not impetuous, beautiful but not proud, with an amazing gift for communication, exquisite features, and rich body language filled with strange expressiveness, it doesn’t take a complicated conversation to make us feel their emotions.

Excited and pleased: Schnauzer’s most common way of expressing excitement and pleasure is by wagging his tail and jumping high. In many cases, they also use a grin to show how happy they are.
Angry face: you don’t have to look at Schnauzer’s face to see his angry face, just to hear his thunderous cry, which is out of proportion to his diminutive size, to know that someone else might be in trouble.
The expression of grief: Schnauzer’s eyes are blank, his head drooping, he draws close to his master, and he looks at him with pleading eyes. Sometimes they would hide in a corner or under a stool and become extremely quiet.
Fear: Schnauzer’s tail hung down or tucked between his legs, which was the most obvious sign. Ears stretched back, body hair erect, eyes open, trembling all over, standing still or restless movement of limbs, or even back. But our Schnauzer is not afraid under normal circumstances, they are strong and brave.
The Look of waiting and anticipation: If Schnauzer lifts its back end, lowers her front end, wags her tail vigorously, and her eyes sparkle, she’s saying, “let’s play! ” And if you look serious, it will be expressed in a particularly friendly way to get your attention and arouse your emotions. So please accept its invitation, if only for a little while.
As long as you pay a little attention to him, it will be easy to understand his needs and mood, and the dog became the closest soul mate.

2. Friendliness:

Miniature Schnauzer is loyal, playful, docile, intelligent and child loving, very easy to fit into a family, extremely affectionate, and easy to establish a peaceful and trusting relationship with. He was kind to people, but in general, they only saw him as a leader because he was particularly close to one family member.
Schnauzer craved his master’s attention. You have to be ready to come home late, train him on what not to do, and give him a toy to soothe his waiting mind so he’ll wait for you. Every time you come home, Schnauzer will fly to pick you up when you hear a noise and show you how glad he is to have you back with his thunderous cry; no matter how long you have been away from home, his enthusiasm for you is undimmed. When it wants to play with you, it will come to your door and ask you. You open the door, it’s gonna come right in. It’s not GonNa Change your mind. Schnauzer has the same intelligence and keen powers of observation as a large dog, with its own cleverness and ability to act according to its owner’s appearance. They quite care about their master’s every move, most like to sit on the master’s lap so that they can feel that the master loves it. If scolded, they may shed tears of sadness and fear.


3. Loyalty:

The Miniature Schnauzer is known for its bravery, its possessiveness to its master and its Sphere of influence, its devotion to its home, its loyalty, and its devotion to its work. Schnauzer is intensely alert to people he doesn’t know and sweet and cuddly to those he considers friends, hailed as the best dog to please his family, in particular, it will have a special attachment to its presumed owner, showing complete devotion, loyalty, and love. Schnauzer’s absolute loyalty to his master alone is precious in comparison to the endearing attitude of many canine people. They do not love strangers, it is clear who is the next of kin, who is a passer-by. Since Schnauzer is absolutely a loyal dog who loves his master, you get 100 percent of what you give to them.

4. Be Observant and loud:

Almost all Schnauzer families, and their neighbors, will get a taste of the dog’s Armando. They are so alert that they can see and hear every slight change, and they are quick to spot unusual signs. When they detect a stranger, they observe it carefully, until they are sure that the visitor is not a threat to them, and then they return to their friendly nature. Therefore, the Miniature Schnauzer can be considered as a guard dog. In the face of danger, they will be very brave, will be very persistent in the face of each fierce fight, even if exhausted.
When you become the enemy in their eyes, they scare you away with their quick movements, quick reflexes, and high-headed barking. The Miniature Schnauzer, though small as its name, does not have the imposing form of a large dog, but it has a loud and thunderous cry that would strike fear into the hearts of any burglar. These natural skills enable Xiaoxue to keep away any miscreants who enter the master’s garden.
But for those who want a quiet, well-behaved dog, these can be headaches.

5. Be smart:

Schnauzer can learn simple commands in as little as five to 15 sessions, they are 85 percent more likely to follow the first instruction, and they are slightly slower to respond to slightly more complex commands or when their owners are away from them, but this delay can be eliminated if the owners exercise regularly. Even if the trainers are a little inexperienced, there are ways to teach them well. All in all, the Miniature Schnauzer is good in every way and is suitable for rearing in a large family.