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Pastor Malinois information

Pastor Malinois is a stout dog with square proportions, medium weight, but oval shape and bone. It’s an elegant, very proud head carriage. The overall impression of pastor malinois is strength, not bulkiness. Gait is smooth and easy and seems effortless rather than hard driving. This gait gives the impression of indefatigability. Pastor Malinois tends to run in a big circle rather than in a straight line. Its fur is quite short, straight, hard and has a thick undercoat. The expression of pastor malinois is wisdom and doubt.


The temperament of pastor malinois

What can best describe pastor Malinois is that it is a high-energy variety, which needs regular mental and physical stimulation. It is alert, intelligent and serious, and is an ideal watchdog and watchdog. It is indifferent to strangers and aggressive to other dogs and animals. Some people can be overbearing. When it’s locked up, it usually runs around in circles, trying to stay active. It protects its home and family.

The role of pastor malinois

Pastor Malinois is not only good at grazing but also good at protection and law enforcement; drug, bomb and gas detection; search and rescue; tracking; obedience; sledding; agility; and treatment assistance for the disabled, the sick or the elderly. The dog is very demanding and needs an experienced owner. There is a big difference between temperament and enterprise. They just want to be with their family, which makes them unfit to be pet dogs.

Pastor malinois is easy to train

Well-educated and trained pastor Malinois is usually positive, intelligent, friendly, protective, alert, and diligent. Pastor Malinois has the highest energy level of any dog breed. A typical malinoah dog will have puppy-like energy before the age of 3, although it is not uncommon for them to show this energy level before the age of 5. Many people have a high appetite for food. Some people may be overjoyed or naughty, especially when they are young. Without enough stimulation and exercise, they may be destructive or develop neurotic behavior. This usually causes trouble for owners who are not familiar with the breed and are not prepared to provide the exercise or work they need. They are medium-sized, strong dogs, need continuous obedience training, and like to accept the challenge of new tasks. As we all know, they are easy to train because they have a high enthusiasm for rewards.

Pastor malinois is a good guard dog

Well-trained pastor Malinois is usually active, intelligent, friendly, protective, alert and diligent. If pastor malinois does not have enough stimulation and exercise, poorly trained dogs may have destructive or neurotic behaviors.
You can read our training guide for Pastor malinois here. Pastor malinois is also a great working dog. This kind of work is their main occupation. Buy a Malinois.
In addition, if properly trained, they can be good pets. They are alert, alert, and loyal. According to the study, instinctive grazing behavior is inherited through dog genetics. This is not the behavior you want your pastor malinois to show. You have to tell them that this behavior is unacceptable. If necessary, talk to a professional or experienced owner of the Malinois before you buy the pastor Malinois.

Is pastor Malinois friendly?


Pastor Malinois can usually be cold and outgoing, but should not be afraid, shy, or aggressive. Pastor malinois is a great watchdog and has the ability to protect when necessary. When pastor Malinois grows up with his children, it’s easy for them to accept. Don’t forget that pastor malinois is raised for grazing and may start chasing and biting. This is unacceptable and must not be tolerated. Pastor malinois is best for a family whose children are older and know how to treat dogs properly.