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Methods of pregnancy and postpartum feeding of Bichon Frise Dogs

In the process of Bichon Frise‘s pregnancy, I believe that we must take good care of our Bichon Frise dog, so we will try our best to give it the best after it is pregnant, so we will vigorously supplement nutrition for it. However, we should know that the owner must have a clear understanding of the nutritional needs of the Bichon Frise dog during pregnancy, otherwise, in case of any good intentions, we will do bad things It’s not good.


1. Formulate a detailed feeding plan:

During pregnancy, the Bichon Frise also needs to have preparation. First of all, we have to make a detailed feeding plan. After all, the nutrition needed by the pregnant female dog is different from the original. Parents must make a detailed plan for the pregnant female Bichon Frise, so as to avoid malnutrition or excessive nutrition in the usual supplement of nutrition.

2. Don’t add nutrition too early

In addition, at the time when the Bichon Frise was just pregnant, although some of its organs had already begun to develop, the owner did not have to rush to add additional nutrition to the Bichon Frise this time, because the fetus was mainly in its main growth period three weeks before birth, so it was not too late for the owner to provide energy supply for it at this time. If the mother Bichon Frises in the early pregnancy on the wanton supplement of nutrition, then it is likely to cause the female dog fat, such delivery will greatly increase the difficulty.
The most appropriate way to supplement nutrition is that after the fifth week of pregnancy, the amount of dog food per week is 15% more than before. When the bear is about to give birth to the last week, the owner will feed the Bichon Frise Dog 60% more than the amount he used when breeding.


3. Prepare easy to digest food

In addition, after the delivery of the female Bichon Frise, the food provided by the owner should be easy to digest and palatable. In addition, the feeding method adopted by the owner is to eat less and more meals and feed 8 minutes at a time to provide uninterrupted fresh water. Because the Bichon Frise dog needs to provide nutritious milk for the pups, all of these are indispensable.