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Methods for choosing healthy dog food for puppies

Many dog ​​owners choose dog food either to buy according to the recommendations on the dog food rankings or to buy according to other dog owners’ sharing of dog food feeding experience. In fact, when choosing dog food, there are many factors that need to be considered, such as the age of the dog, the amount of exercise per day, the degree of physical exertion, the breed of the dog, the degree of body strength, and whether there are skin problems. These will affect whether the dog food is suitable for your own dog.

Healthy dog food for puppies

The dog food provided to puppies needs to meet at least one standard: 22% protein content and 8% fat content. Some dog foods may provide higher levels, such as the 28%-30% protein content and 15%-16% fat content of the Ujue Dog Food Puppy Food. But note that when choosing dog food, dog owners should pay attention to the protein and fat content that must be lower than this standard.

Healthy dog food for small puppies

Small dogs need the highest protein and fat among many dog ​​breeds. Because small dogs need to fully grow into shape in six to eight months, they need higher nutritional elements. Therefore, you should pay attention to choosing some dog food with high protein and fat. The dog food you usually choose contains 30%-34% protein and 16%-20% fat.

healthy dog food for puppies

Healthy dog food for Medium Puppies 

Medium-sized dogs need less protein and fat than small dogs, and usually choose some dog food that contains 27-30% protein and 17-20% fat.

Healthy dog food for Large puppies 

The best dog food for large puppies contains 26-28% protein and 13-15% fat. Taking into account the rapid growth of large puppies, their joints need special care. Therefore, glucosamine is added to many dog ​​foods to help puppies’ joints develop healthily.

Healthy dog food for Universal puppies

General-purpose puppy dog ​​food is for some small and small dogs. Usually, the protein and fat content is similar to that of medium-sized puppy dog ​​food. It is also usually selected that contains 27-30% protein and 17-20% fat.


With the development of the dog food market, there are many varieties of healthy dog food. There are also many dog ​​foods for puppies. Their resistance to dogs is relatively weak when they are just born. Therefore, the most important indicator of choosing a puppy dog ​​food is the protein and fat content in the dog food. It is worth reminding that when supplementing the puppies with nutrients, the appropriate amount shall prevail. The owners should not mistakenly believe that the more nutrients are given, the more beneficial to the dog’s health and growth. If the puppies absorb too many nutrients, it is easy to cause diseases and osteoporosis.