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Measures to delay the aging of Bichon Frise Dogs

The life span of Bichon Frise is only a few years to more than ten years. Compared with human beings, it is indeed a little short, and aging is faster. Although we can’t stop it from aging, we can actually delay the aging speed by some methods, just as we human beings can do by means of beauty and skincare. Now people pay more and more attention to anti-aging. In fact, the anti-aging of dogs also needs to be paid attention to. In order to delay aging, it is particularly important to take care of dogs in their infancy. If you can take good care of the dog when it is young, it will be relatively easy to take care of the dog when it is old.


1. Tooth cleaning:

A good diet is the guarantee of good health. When considering the diet of a Bichon Frise, you need to consider the age of the dog and the health of the dog. It is very important for a dog to clean its teeth after eating. About 80% of adult dogs over the age of three suffer from periodontitis. The pH value of the human mouth is about weak acid or neutral, while that of the dog is about weak alkaline. In a weak alkaline environment, it is easy to get cavities. If placed, it will soon affect the internal organs, and lead to low immunity. What’s more, the root will dissolve and the jaw bone will break. Oral care is related to the health of the whole dog, so the owner must strengthen the care of the teeth when the dog is young.


2. Health examination:

Hair and skincare are very important, while joints and walking posture also need to be observed frequently. You can give your dog some nutritional supplements. Exercise must be appropriate, moderate exercise can maintain muscle strength and keep the body healthy. If conditions permit, half a year, at least once a year of a health examination is necessary.
As the Bichon Frises get older, there will be more and more things we need to think about for them. In fact, life begins to grow old after it is born. What we can do is to prepare for a rainy day, do a good job of taking care of the Bichon Frise dog, so that the elderly dog can also live a happy and healthy life. As for the breeding and nursing of the elderly Bichon Frise, we should make reasonable plans according to the situation of our own Bichon Frise, so that it can live as easy and comfortable as possible.