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Main manifestations of eardrum mite in poodle

Pet owners in the case of feeding poodle, in addition to taking good care of it, let it eat and drink well, but also pay attention to the health problems of the poodle. What is usually overlooked is the secret hidden in the poodle’s ears, which is a common ear mite problem. There are a lot of pet owners who do not know if the poodle ear mites will have what the main performance, also do not know how to deal with it, it needs good study and training!

1、 The main common manifestations of otophagoides

If the poodle at home often scratch the inside of the ear, and constantly swing its head, the inside of the ear not only stinks but also has obvious putrefaction. There are dark red or gray-black crystalline metabolism in the ear canal, and there will be a bright red rash in its ear canal. In conclusion, it is confirmed that the poodle is infected with ear mites. However, the irritation caused by ear mite’s saliva will cause swelling and inflammation of the external auditory canal of VIP dogs. Scratching and constantly swinging the head can cause ear hematoma and facial changes.

2、 Application of ear drops to eliminate ear mites

When pet owners confirm that the poodle has ear mites, they need to think of ways to eliminate the ear mites immediately. First of all, the poodle’s ear canal must be cleaned up with a wet cotton towel or tissue paper, and the remaining parts in the ear canal must be removed one by one. Then, drop 2-3 drops of ear drops along the ear canal, and then replace the cotton ball with the ear drops to remove the earrings of the poodle. The poodle will throw out the unnecessary ear drops on its own. It is suggested that pet owners should apply ear drops to poodles persistently until the mites are completely eliminated.

3、 Pay attention to the health care of poodles

The key reason for ear mites in poodles is that the pet owners don’t often clean the ears of poodles, so they breed ear mites. Therefore, pet owners should pay more attention to the environmental hygiene of the poodle, keep the poodle clean and tidy, and trim the ear hair on time, so as to prevent the growth of ear mites. There are also, ear mites like the natural environment, so pet owners should pay attention to drying after bathing the poodle and do not need to let too much water into the ear canal.