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London Dog Week 2021

London dog week will be held from March 24 to 31, 2021. Back to the second year, this week will bring together dog lovers from all over the city in a series of interesting and lovely meetings! There will be a hug club to promote the benefits of dogs in the workplace, a fun dog night, a fashion-themed dog walk, and even a brunch menu for dog week in London. Finally, join London dog week for a special dog fitness and training program.

What’s going on in London dog week?

There are many activities to try in this London dog week, and the city has different choices. Starting from a hug club at perk box headquarters during this week, the event will see the team bring its dog team to the workplace to relieve staff pressure and give them an immediate emotional boost. During this week, umbrella furniture company will also hold a dog health night for special people in its exhibition hall to enhance people’s happiness and experience the hugs of a group of naughty dogs.
During this week, with James Middleton, Kate Faulkner, London dog, Kimberly Marie Freeman and city dog The pet parenting pain point dinner will also be held in pad to discuss the behavior and nutrition of pet parenting.

During this week, the sausage dog celebration in M restaurant Victoria is a luncheon event to celebrate this very popular breed (a specific breed will be celebrated every year in London dog week), offering gifts, special guest hospitality and interactive activities for you and your dog. It is generally believed that dogs and owners look alike, so why not accept this strange phenomenon and dress up as your dog? During this week go to the Connaught Village studio in 3 Porchester place, where the hairdresser will provide your pet with free hairstyles and your pet will be cared for by a professional London dog beautician. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. In addition, one of the most anticipated events of the week is the fashion show brunch in M restaurant Victoria during this week, when visitors will experience a dog like runway show featuring designs from talented independent brands.

Brunch show


Dogs will show off their stuff on Victoria’s catwalk, and they will be the stars of the brunch fashion show. Independent dog clothing brands will show off their designs, imitated by four legged Cindy pavitz and dog al McPherson. Throughout the London dog week, m will also hold various dog loving activities, including dachund only sausage dog celebration and mother’s Day fur mother’s day lunch, to celebrate those whose dogs are their children.

City Food Festival


The city food festival is happy to welcome your dog at any weekend of the year, but they do launch the dog red carpet for London dog week. A series of dog loving activities will be held throughout Saturday, During this week at this food spot on sholditch street. They include a hugging club where dog fans can come to touch their four legged friends, a competition to find the most fashionable people, and a photo booth to capture and reward the loveliest dog kisses. The market will also hold stalls to show dog food-edible or other.

Are you going to change the shape of your dog?


We all know people who look like their dogs, whether it’s your long legged friend and a dog, or your perm friend and a curly dog. This London dog week, the flowery Connaught Village Cafe in St Ames, offers an opportunity for dog owners to become doppelgangers for their dogs. After working with the local salon and hair salon, visitors will have the opportunity to make their hair like their dogs, while dogs will enjoy a complete combing process. There will be a studio to photograph the results, and guests can donate money to the universe charity in return for the limited edition dog handbag.

Dog and Kids Club


The North London bookstore is working with Fiona Barker, a children’s writer, on a storytelling and cunning morning, all about dogs. The creators of “Denny and the dream dog” will be present, and the children will be able to make their own “dream dog”, bring home a London dog bag and a book that can be exchanged with tickets. Dogs with good behavior are also welcome.