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Life span of Corgi

Corgi dogs, like other normal dogs, have a life expectancy of about 12-15 years. However, as long as we carefully feed and take care of them, in fact, it can extend the dog’s life under certain circumstances, and let the dog accompany us for a period of time.

1. Control Corgi’s diet

First of all, we should pay attention to the dog’s diet. There was an experiment in which two groups of dogs were put together. One group ate the normal amount of food every day, while the other group ate only seven percent of the full food. In the first five years, the gap between these dogs was not particularly obvious. But after the fifth year, those who eat more will become obese, and their bones will be loose, and even some dogs will have diabetes. After seven years to the ground, the dog will be old, very fast, slowly into death. But those who eat 70% full of dogs, each of them lives very healthily, and the aging period is relatively delayed for several years.


Finally, the results show that the life span of these 70% full dogs has even been extended by about half, and the health and quality of life of dogs are relatively better after they are old. So it’s very healthy for dogs to eat seven percent full. That is to say, after eating your prepared food, the dog should not add a second bowl of rice, to have a feeling that he still has more than enough.

2. Pay attention to care for the elderly

Of course, dogs need different amounts of food and nutrition for different ages. An old dog needs less nutrition than a young dog, and if you give them too much nutrition, it may cause the dog’s body to become fat, or their body organs will be damaged. But the elderly dog body needs a lot of vitamins, and with the degradation of their digestive system, they should also choose better digestion in food, and feed mainly to eat a little less each meal, but can eat a few more meals. As dogs get older, their bodies get worse and worse, and their waist and legs become weaker and weaker. Make sure the dog has the best anti-slip cushion on the side of the door as high as possible. When dogs get older, their eyesight will also be bad, so the owners of the items placed at home should not move at will, because if they suddenly change positions, the dogs will feel very unaccustomed.

3. Pay attention to the sports of Corgi dogs

For the sake of the health of dogs, both young dogs and old dogs should take some exercise. It’s not that dogs don’t need to exercise when they are old, but should pay more attention to the health of their bodies. Through sports, they can ensure the normal work of the heart and all parts of the body. Then walking is the best choice for the elderly dog, but when the owner takes the dog for a walk, don’t walk too far. If the dog is a little tired, just let the dog rest in time. If dogs don’t want to take a walk very much, the owners there don’t have to take them with them. It’s OK to let them play in the room for a while.


4. Aging performance of Corgi dogs

(1) You can’t control the toilet
When koji gets older, his habits and training have changed a lot. For example, Corgi used to be appointed to go to the toilet, but when he got old, he could not control himself and became urinate everywhere. At this time, the pet need not blame it, because it is not intentional, only can not manipulate itself.
(2) Will you not sleep
For koji, eating is the key thing. But when Corgi’s life is about to fall into a desperate situation, it will become more and more sleepless and refuse to eat. At this time, the pet owner has to accompany him more, because his time is very little.
(3) It’s going to get more and more listless
When Corgi enters middle-aged and old age, his body function will gradually decline. Therefore, Corgi looks listless all day long. Needless to say, he doesn’t want to exercise anymore. He just lies down there all day long. At this time, the pet owner can accompany it more and put its favorite small toys and snacks in front of it, which may make Corgi more and more spiritual.
(4) He’ll curl his neck and spit out his tongue
At the time when their lives are about to fall into a desperate situation, some of them will not be able to tilt their skulls independently, and their mouths will not be able to come back. Even if they rely on external forces, their mouths can not be taken back. If this had already happened to corgi at home, the pet owner had to accompany him, for his time was very little.
(5) Longer sleep time
When Corgi gets to his age, it will gradually want to sleep more and more. Before he dies, he will even be in a coma. He will be in a coma. Therefore, when the family Corgi sleeps longer, the pet owner or take more time to accompany it!