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Judging health by the color of Schnauzer’s urine

Don’t think it’s gross to look at the color of Schnauzer’s urine, but the color of a dog’s urine is a direct indicator of its health. The common sense about the color of Schnauzer’s urine is something every host should know. Let’s take a look at how owners can judge Schnauzer’s health by looking at the color of his urine.


1. Schnauzer’s urine is very cloudy:

Clinical studies have found that the most common cause of the condition is Schnauzer’s Cystitis and that the dog’s reproductive organs can also cause cloudy urine. If you find that your schnauzer urine is consistently cloudy, it’s a good idea to take it to the hospital sometime to make sure the dog is healthy.


2. Blood in Schnauzer’s urine:

Studies have found that blood-colored urine in dogs can be caused by bladder inflammation or other bacterial inflammation. There is also suffering from kidney, ureter, and urethral stones when there will be Hematuria. Finally, filariasis, or onion poisoning, is one of the causes of Hematuria. As the owner found that Schnauzer urine blood on the ten million to pay attention, the main to take it to the pet hospital to do a test.


3. Schnauzer’ss urine became very thick or very pale:

Studies have found that conditions such as diabetes and diabetes insipidus can also cause urine to become Pale if Schnauzer drinks a lot of water. It is important to note that if Schnauzer’s urine is found to be thicker or thinner, the owner must observe for signs of dysentery, vomiting, etc. If Schnauzer’s spirits were very low, the owner would still have to take him to the hospital for tests.

The character of the Standard Schnauzer is in direct proportion to his appearance. He is gregariously Gregorian by nature, has a watchful expression, is very brave in the face of enemies, and is extremely loyal to his master. A very reliable companion dog who usually gets along well with children. Standard Standard Schnauzer has a very high IQ, full of wisdom, intelligence, good judgment, very energetic. Willing to receive training, brave, strong endurance, and resistance to weather and disease. The standard Schnauzer’s weakness is on the right, and it will move to protect the right.

The dog’s intestines and stomach to the human eat milk reaction is particularly big. If you worried about the dog’s nutrition, you can consider feeding sheep milk powder. For dogs up to two months, it is recommended to feed or dry food soaked in water. Other food, often causes indigestion, diarrhea, etc. So do not let your dog eat. Puppy feeding times than adult dogs, generally feed 4 times a day dog food, a small amount of multi-meal type, if you think the dog’s nutrition is not enough, you can consider cooking an egg every day, do not swallow the yolk, the best three or four times feeding, do not give the dog eat protein, the dog eat protein is not easy to digest. If you also have a cat in your home, store your cat food to prevent your dog from stealing excess protein. Every time feeding food, food left unfinished should be thrown away, especially in hot summer, water should be fully supplied, clean containers should be prepared, do not feed raw water, boiled water should be cool, and constantly change freshwater, do not change old water for days.