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Is there white bernese mountain dog?

Is there white Bernese mount dog? White Bernese mount dog is very rare because it is usually black and white. As an ancient breed, the white Bernese mountain dog stands out as the most versatile, travel and influence in the development of various mastiff dogs, including the white Bernese mountain dog.


The origin of white Bernese Mountain Dog

It is believed that the white Bernese mountain dog is a cross between a farm dog in the Swiss Alps and a molasser or mastiff brought by the Roman invasion of the Alps in the first century B.C. The white Bernese mountain dog family may have worked on a Swiss farm for more than 2000 years and secretly hid in a small farm in the Alps. The white Bernese mountain dog pulls a cart, accompanies the livestock, keeps watch, and provides loyal company for its owners. As we all know, by 1888, only 36% of the population in Switzerland was engaged in agricultural work, and the demand for a strong dog was reduced. White Bernese mountain dog could herd cattle and pull a cart full of goods. However, in 1899, the Swiss became interested in protecting their native breeds and established a dog club called Bernese mountain dog. Members include breeders of various purebred dogs. In 1902, the Swiss dog club held a performance in Oster mondigan, which attracted human’s attention to the Swiss mountain dog breed. Two years later, these varieties took a big step forward through several activities.

The development of white Bernese Mountain Dog

At an international dog show in Bern, the Swiss dog club sponsored Swiss “shepherd dog” courses, including mountain dogs. In the same year, the Swiss Kennel Club recognized the white Bernese mountain dog as a breed. During the first World War, dog performance and breeding took a back seat in the war. However, after the war, the first batch of white Bernese mountain dogs were exported to the Netherlands and then to the United States, although this breed has not been recognized by the American dog club. In 1936, two British breeders began to import dogs. The first brood of dogs was born in England. Also in 1936, the Glenn shadow kennel in Louisiana introduced a female and a male Bernard from Switzerland. By the beginning of 1937, AKC had sent a letter to Glenn shadow, saying that the Berne Coyote had been accepted as a new breed by the working class. World War II once again interrupted the development of the variety outside its native place, but after 1945, the import and registration of the variety resumed in the United States. Buy a Bernese Mountain Dog.


General appearance of white Bernese Mountain Dog

White Bernese mountain dog is large, robust, balanced and agile, which reflects its historical origin and use. White Bernese mountain dog has a slightly longer body, although it sometimes looks square. White Bernese mountain dog is characterized by strong bones. Male white Bernese mountain dog represents masculine appearance, while female white Bernese mountain dog is obviously feminine. The appearance of white Bernese mountain dog is natural, and unnecessary pruning is not advisable.