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Is there chocolate lhasa apso?

Is there chocolate Lhasa Apso? Chocolate Lhasa Apso is a common color variety. Chocolate Lhasa Apso is a little dog. Chocolate Lhasa Apso is very cute. Although chocolate Lhasa Apso has never been used for the purpose of requiring great exercise, this breed still has a strong waist and developed quarter and thigh. The head of chocolate Lhasa Apso is covered with a good fall on the eyes, beard and beard, imparting a solemn, almost lion-like appearance. The occlusion of chocolate Lhasa Apso should be horizontal or slight. The coat of chocolate Lhasa Apso is heavy and straight, long and hard.


The personality of chocolate Lhasa Apso

It should be remembered at all times that chocolate Lhasa Apso is raised as a watchdog and companion dog. Chocolate Lhasa Apso can be alienated from strangers, although they are affectionate people who they know and trust. If the dog is not guided to the right time, sharp alarm barking can become a problem.

Chocolate Lhasa Apso is the dog that performs best with a lot of socialization and a lot of human company. Chocolate Lhasa Apso doesn’t always get along well with other dogs, so chocolate Lhasa Apso should interact with dogs and other pets, as well as with people who have been around since they were puppies. Some chocolate Lhasa Apso have suspicious properties and can snicker. At home with family and friends, however, chocolate Lhasa Apso is lively.

Life habit of chocolate Lhasa Apso

Chocolate Lhasa Apso is easy to watch. Eating too much or not exercising enough can easily lead to obesity. Fortunately, because chocolate Lhasa Apso is small, it is enough to walk regularly two or three times a day. Lhasa Apso is a smart dog, but chocolate Lhasa Apso is a bit stubborn and independent, so training is necessary. A firm and patient hand works best. Chocolate Lhasa Apso should be well socialized for people and other animals, including other dogs, in puppies. Chocolate Lhasa Apso is an excellent Watchdog with a sharp and loud call. Chocolate Lhasa Apso can take good care of children, but they should be supervised and contacted as soon as possible. Chocolate Lhasa Apso is known as a long-lived dog, usually entering their late adolescence.

The history of chocolate Lhasa Apso

Chocolate Lhasa Apso is an old breed of Tibetan Terrier and similar grazing Tibetan dog developed in Tibet. In the 7th century, Tibet converted to Buddhism, which made Lhasa Apso a certain variety. Tibetan priests are considered reincarnated in Lhasa Apso if they do not reach nirvana. The Dalai Lama not only keeps Lhasa Apsos as a pet, but also treats it as a gift for distinguished guests. The Lhasa Apsos sent to China were used for the development of Shizi and Beijing varieties. Chocolate Lhasa Apso is not only a pet and companion, but also a watchdog because of its alertness. When chocolate Lhasa Apso first arrived in Europe and North America, confusion led to crossbreeding with Shih Shih dogs and possibly Tibetan terriers. The Western name of this breed, Lhasa Apso, is probably derived from its original name, although some people think it is a corruption of Tibetan rApso, which means goat. When the variety first came to the UK, it was known as the Lhasa stalk, although it was by no means a kind of stalk. The first Lhasa Apso appeared in the western world around 1930. Some of them came as gifts from the 13th Dalai Lama. The variety was included in the AKC stem group in 1935, but was reassigned to the non motor group in 1959. After a slow start, chocolate Lhasa Apso soon surpassed its compatriot Tibetan breed and became a popular family pet. Buy a Lhasa Apso.


Carding demand of chocolate Lhasa Apso

Comb the long hairy part of chocolate Lhasa Apso at the spine and fall straight on both sides. No trimming or peeling is necessary, although when in full coat, chocolate Lhasa Apso needs to be brushed about once a day to prevent chocolate Lhasa Apso from padding the coat. Some shopkeepers choose to cut their coats short to make them look good. Use dry shampoo as needed. Check the chocolate lhasa Apso’s feet for pads and foreign objects. You should clean the eyes and ears of chocolate Lhasa Apso carefully, because they are easy to tear. Chocolate Lhasa Apso seldom loses hair, and chocolate Lhasa Apso is hypoallergenic.