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Is there black canaan dog?

Is there black Canaan dog? Black Canaan dog is a common variety. In the Bible, Exodus says that Canaan dog-ancient Palestine and Phoenicia around 3000 BC-is a fertile land flowing with milk and honey. Where sheep and goats thrive, where there are sheep, there are dogs. These ancient Middle Eastern Community dogs are called kelef Kanani. It’s probably that Kalev Kanani is different from his modern descendant, black Canaan dog. The tomb of Beni Hassan in Egypt dates back to 2200-2000 BC. The dog has smooth fur, thorny ears and a thick tail curled on its back. There is no doubt that their alertness, alertness and curiosity are the same as those of today’s black Canaan dog. This breed is likely to be a vivid portrayal of early domesticated dogs.

The use of black Canaan dog

In the past, black Canaan dogs didn’t let their prey go and protected them from predators or thieves. When the danger approached, black Canaan dogs would give an alarm. But for centuries, with the invasion of Roman conquerors and the dispersal of the country’s inhabitants to distant corners of the earth, black Canaan dog lost his job. Black Canaan dog retreated to the hills and deserts of southern Israel and lived a savage life relying on his own wisdom and health. Sometimes, black Canaan dog continues his nomadic life, making a living with Bedouin desert residents, or serving as a guard for druses, religious communities of mountain people who make their homes in Mount Carmel and other areas now Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. In the shape of this harsh lifestyle, this black Canaan dog has become a cunning athlete, very suitable for his environment.

Black Canaan dog is indifferent to strangers

Black Canaan dog barks when there is something new or different in their territory. If you don’t teach black Canaan dogs when to stop, or often leave them alone for a long time, black Canaan dogs may become annoying barkers. Black Canaan dog will not be a good police dog, because their suspicion of new people and new things will make them know who is a threat and what is a threat. Buy a Canaan Dog.

Black Canaan dog needs a yard with security fence


Black Canaan dog likes to dig. It can turn your mowed lawn into a lot like the surface of the moon. Black Canaan dog’s intelligence makes it easy for them to train, but their independence and lack of motivation will make it difficult for them to listen to you. When it comes to training, they ask, “what’s in it for me?” Attitude. Black Canaan dog’s output is reduced twice a year, and less in the rest of the year. Black Canaan dog is a rare species. There are not many black Canaan dogs in the world. If you want a black black Canaan dog, wait and see. In order to get a healthy dog, you should never buy black Canaan dog from an irresponsible breeder, dog mill or pet store. Get a reputable breeder to test her breeding dog to make sure that black Canaan dog has no genetic diseases, which can be transmitted to puppies, and that black Canaan dog has a good temperament.