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Is there a black Borzoi?

Is there a black Borzoi? Black Borzoi is a very common variety. During the centuries of Romanov’s rule in Russia, black Borzoi was a kind of fanaticism of Russian aristocracy. The nobles hold a ceremonial hunting Festival, which is actually held in their huge manor. Their guests, horses and hounds all take special hunting trains. One hundred black Borzoi and the same number of servants are employed to handle these luxurious affairs, which is not uncommon. Traditionally, it ends with a feast in the manor.


The history of black Borzoi

“It’s even hard today to imagine the grandeur inherited by the gentle black Borzoi,” one breed historian wrote. “Before 1861 and before the Russian Revolution in 1917, the time, energy and money spent on these so-called” hunting “were unparalleled in the development of any species.” Leo Tolstoy, the great Russian novelist, is a loyal black Borzoi fan. In his war and peace, one of the spectacular scenes is immortal.


Black Borzoi temperament

Black Borzoi is tired of repetitive activities and responds well to motivational training, competitive obedience and agility testing. This breed doesn’t need constant attention. They are confident and independent. Black Borzoi is raised to chase prey, so they have the instinct to chase animals such as cats, dogs and children. Once chasing, black Borzoi will become firm, indifferent to the surrounding environment, and even ignore the danger of traffic or the call of the owner.

Establishment of black Borzoi standard


The revolution brought about the mass slaughter of the Romanov family, aristocracy, and noble hounds. It’s a disaster, and for most of the 20th century Russia’s breeding of black Borzoi and other ethnic species was hampered. If it wasn’t for the overseas followers of black Borzoi, this species might have been extinct. Buy a Borzoi.
Black Borzoi is named for its agility. Black Borzoi originated in Russia in the 17th century. This breed is a hybrid of Arabian Greyhound and Russian Shepherd. Black Borzoi is a kind of hunting dog raised by nobles. Therefore, hunting together with black Borzoi has become a national movement of Russian nobles. The first standard of this variety was set in 1650. During the 1917 Russian Revolution, many black Borzoi were killed because of their association with the czar. Queen Victoria of England, Prince of Wales and King Edward VII were given to borzoi by the czar of Russia. Queen Alexandra not only has black Borzoi as her companion, she also nurtures and displays them. In the 1920s and 1940s, this breed was considered a very attractive dog in the United States. Together with silent movie stars such as Jean Harlow, hope Hampton, Greta Garbo and Sarah Bernhardt, they are popular as Art Deco models. Marilyn Monroe and the artist Picasso also own black Borzoi. In addition, they were photographed on the front pages of fashion magazines and other fashion magazines. Black Borzoi is a member of the AKC hound group. It belongs to the Sighthound family; at the end of 1936, its name changed from Russian wolfhound to black Borzoi.