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Is the vizsla a good family dog?

Is the vizsla a good family dog? The vizsla is a high-value variety, which has existed for more than 1000 years. Vizsla was originally developed not only as an excellent pointer, tracker, and retriever but also as a companion dog. Although vizsla is a bit of a slow mental maturity, it is very intelligent, eager to please, and quite trainable. This docile, loyal dog enjoys close contact with people and is very generous with his feelings, which is why this excellent breed has withstood the test of time. Vizsla can be a good family dog.


1. Can vizslas be trained?

Vizslas are excellent family dogs. As long as you give them enough attention, proper training, and most importantly, do a lot of strenuous exercises every day. This mature breed is known for its tenderness, loyalty, and affection.

2. Why are vizslas called Velcro?

You may wonder what a Velcro dog is. Any dog that often shows stickiness, such as wherever you go (yes, even in the bathroom!) Always wanting to be with you can be called a Velcro. These dogs really want to cling to you like Velcro.
There is no doubt that the vizslas have a deep-rooted desire to remain close to their masters at all times. This trait has been widely used for pointing and retrieving long ago, passed on to them, and survived for many generations. Today, the concept of “personal space” is still a foreign concept for vizslas, and they prefer it.
vizsla doesn’t like to be alone and will spare no effort to keep in touch with the host or family. In fact, vizslas can develop a separation anxiety disorder or become destructive if left alone for a long time or often. Although some people may find their clingy behavior annoying, the lovers of this breed value vizsla’s immortal loyalty and loyalty.


3. Vizslas are easy to groom:

vizsla is easy to comb and likes to cuddle. Vizslas has relatively less maintenance in terms of modification. Owners brush their teeth quickly several times a week to remove any loose hair. Owners should also bathe their dogs regularly every week. In addition, the owner should also clean the dog’s ears and cut his nails if necessary. All these are needed to keep Vizsla in the best condition. Because the vizsla has no undercoat, it generally does not have that kind of dog smell, and is famous for “self-cleaning”. Although there is no excess hair to make the dog cleaner, it also means that the vizslas have difficulty keeping warm. They should not be allowed to swim in cold water or stay outside for long periods in cold weather.