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Is the quiet child suitable for raising a Maltese dog?

Each dog has its own personality characteristics, we should consider the child’s personality when choosing the dog breeds for children. If your child is a quiet and clever child, the dog with a too warm a personality is not suitable for children to keep. On the contrary, we should choose a gentle pet dog for children. For example, we are familiar with the Maltese dog, which can become the best friend of children.

1. The character of the Maltese

Maltese dogs are healthy, intelligent, courageous, affectionate, and gentle. They are suitable for keeping as pet dogs. They are companion dogs for children and women.


2. Feeding conditions of Maltese dogs

Because the Maltese need to keep their hair clean and tidy, they are suitable for living with gentle but not rude children. Moreover, the Maltese are a gentle little dog, which can be safely let to play with children. Maltese have a good physique and long life, which can live for 14-16 years, sometimes more than 18 years, until the end of life is still vibrant, which can save children from sadness when the dog is sick.


3. Introduction of the breed of Maltese dog

The Maltese dogs are also called skyscrapers. It is 20-26cm tall and weighs 2.5-4kg. It is the oldest dog breed in Europe. It originated from the British territory of the Mediterranean Sea – the island of Martha. The Maltese dog has a history of nearly 3000 years and has been favored by ladies in ancient times. Unlike other small play dogs, the Maltese give a very stable impression. Maltese is a slender dog with a long silvery-white silk coat. It is elegant and charming. The head is round, the black nose is small and close, the round eyes are big and slightly protruding, and the forelimbs are slightly shorter than the hind legs. The tail is curly and straight, with rich fur.
Maltese also like to get along with children, they have a tacit understanding with children. So when parents leave their kids and the Maltese alone at home, it doesn’t hurt the kids, it’s a patron saint.

4. Keep Maltese dog healthy

The stomach capacity of a Maltese dog is very small, but from a healthy point of view, this is actually conducive to its growth and development and can delay life. We can give the Maltese dog high-quality dog food every day, 2-3 cups per day, divided into 3 meals. We can also give the dog some fresh meat and vegetables, soft, eat these can supplement nutrition. The meat should be cooked and cut into small pieces. Then we add the same amount of dry ingredients or biscuits with less sugar and no sugar. After mixing with water, we feed the dog twice in the morning and evening and prepare some fresh water. In the feeding process, we should master the amount of food, eating too much is easy to cause the dog fat. The Maltese dog is more active. We should allow it to move freely in the hospital for a certain time every day, which helps the dog to promote digestion and maintain normal appetite so that the dog can accompany the child more healthily.