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Is Saluki a good family dog?

Is Saluki a good family dog? Saluki is famous for its detached personality, but they are very loyal to the family, so Saluki is a good family dog. This independence of Saluki makes it difficult for them to train, and they can’t be trusted to return to their master’s command when they break free. When training is conducted in a calm and gentle manner, it seems to work best, and the most important thing is consistency.

Saluki’s temperament makes them good family dogs

Saluki dogs are very smart. If they are left alone, or they are asked to do some simple tasks, such as holding a ball or a stick, they can easily become bored. Because of its hunting background, it prefers to chase something, and it tends to chase anything that is running. In other words, Saluki is by no means a cuddeger. Like many other visual hound breeds, Saluki can become incredibly uncomfortable if you strangle his feelings, which is one of the reasons he’s better with older children. Saluki would rather lie at your feet than on your legs. Even better, Saluki is more willing to steal your sofa or bed. If it’s big and comfortable, it’s for Saluki – especially if he doesn’t need to share! On the other hand, if you touch him when he doesn’t want you to touch him, he might jump. This is also a normal personality trait for the Saluki breed. When you raise Saluki as a family dog, you should pay attention to the following points. When Saluki was young, early socialization helped prevent him from becoming timid and frightened in adulthood. At home, they are usually quiet and can even be locked up in an apartment as long as they can go out to exercise every day, so Saluki is a good family dog. Saluki likes to play with soft toys and soft bedding.

Training Saluki can make Saluki a good family dog

Saluki is not an easy dog to train, but it all depends on what you want to train your Saluki to do! Basic training such as Saluki’s family training is relatively simple, so Saluki can be a good family dog. But the more complex the training, the less saruki is willing to pay attention. Saruki is a very smart breed and questions why you want it to do something. It gets bored quickly, and its attention tends to shift to more exciting things. In addition, Saluki has a very strong inner desire to run and chase things. This inborn desire will make the dog pay too much attention to the training class. Training Saluki must be completed in a short time of 5 to 10 minutes to attract short attention. It should be repeated 3 to 4 times a day to keep the course short. You have to follow your orders completely, always repeating exactly the same actions and orders. Training Saluki to be a family dog is always king! Finally, in training Saluki to be a family, you have to be calm and controlled. Saluki is a sensitive breed, and it doesn’t work to be rude, for example, to lower your butt and let it sit down. Dogs will push you down, resist you, and make you all depressed and confused. It’s much better to take a few minutes at a time for small reward work. Although people know that Saluki’s temperament is cold and quiet, they are completely loyal to their family, which makes Saluki an excellent family dog. This highly active breed is best for active families who have time to exercise in Saluki. Saluki doesn’t do well in the apartment. He will thrive in a fenced compound. Buy a Saluki.
Saluki can get along well with older children. Saluki becomes a good family dog
Saluki gets along well with older children and other dogs – although they prefer other Saluki to different breeds. Saluki is smart, but he likes to think independently and is very challenging to train. If you are looking for a quiet, gentle dog who adores their family, Saluki will be the perfect family companion dog.