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Is portuguese fishing dog?

Is portuguese fishing dog? Portuguese is fishing dog. Fishing Dog Portuguese is native to the coastal areas of Portugal. When the Portuguese needed a versatile, swimming fish dog Portuguese, they set out to breed it.

The history of fishing dog Portuguese

The first written record can be traced back to the 12th century. It is likely that the fishing dog Portuguese is a descendant of the German poodle, which was introduced to Portugal by the Goths many years ago. Although poodles are excellent swimmers, Portuguese people want a smaller but stronger dog, which can be easily put on the boat when they are sailing on the Atlantic coast, so they have fishing dog Portuguese.

Fishing dog Portuguese is very popular

Fishing dog Portuguese was rescued from extinction by breeding enthusiasts during World War II, and finally came to the United States in the 1950s. By the 1970s, the first breeding club was founded, and since then, fishing dog Portuguese has been very popular in the United States. If you are looking for a swimming or fishing partner, fishing dog Portuguese is a good choice.
The mission in the history of fishing dog Portuguese is to be a good seaman, thanks to their webbed toes. Fishermen along the coast of Portugal see the dog as a companion and a guard dog, according to the Portuguese Water Dog Club. Dogs are arranged to work, put fish into nets, retrieve lost or damaged nets, and even send them from the ship to the shore as dog messengers. “Fishing dog Portuguese is historically a working dog and accompaniment for fishermen,” said Lisa Peterson, a spokesman for the American Dog Club (AKC). Buy a Portuguese Water Dog.


Characteristics of fishing dog Portuguese

Fishing dog Portuguese is a natural swimmer. Fishing dog Portuguese has a strong body and incredibly sharp mind, which are perfect for dog people with an active lifestyle or who want a dog to do a lot of race training. Fishing dog Portuguese will follow you everywhere, because fishing dog Portuguese is very loyal. Fishing dog Portuguese loves fun and is eager to please, which makes it an ideal choice for families. The intelligence and deep compassion of fishing dog Portuguese also make them the best in the treatment and service of dogs.