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Is Maltichon hypoallergenic?

Is maltichon hypoallergenic? Yes, maltichon is hypoallergenic. This elegant hypoallergic maltichon is famous for its silky white hair covering his body. Straight and thick, the coat fell all the way to the ground. Many years ago, hypoallergic maltichon had many colors, but now they are always white. When a well proportioned Maltese moves, he seems to float under his white hair. Because he has no undercover agent, hypoallergic maltichon rarely depilates, and many people think this breed is hypoallergenic.

How to take care of hypoallergic maltichon?

Hypoallergic maltichon likes to walk regularly or play outside. Hypoallergic maltichon often plays until old. Because they are indoors, they don’t need a lot of exercise, so they don’t need a lot of effort to keep in shape. According to experience, wait until your hypoallergic maltichon is 8 months old and go far with it, because its bones are still developing. Let your hypoallergic maltichon play at your own speed in your fenced yard until it matures, then take it to your veterinarian for examination, and then start a planned exercise program.

The coat of hypoallergic maltichon

Hypoallergic maltichon is definitely a domestic dog and can’t stand extreme high temperature or cold. Many people train their Maltese with paper so they don’t have to take them outside when it’s too hot or too cold. It’s true that hypoallergic maltichon has hair rather than fur. However, the fur of any kind of dog is not always the cause of allergy.

Hypoallergic maltichon does not mean not allergic

When a person is allergic to a dog, it’s not just the fur itself that causes the allergy. Most people are sensitive to falling off skin. Dander is a small piece of dead skin that falls off naturally during renewal. The immune system is highly sensitive to dog dander because it considers it to be a foreign substance, similar to its response to viruses or bacteria. Therefore, hypoallergic maltichon dog may still cause allergy in some sensitive people. These people may also respond to the protein in dog sage. If the dog licks that person, or even if hypoallergic maltichon’s toy has been disposed of, it may cause allergic reactions. Buy a Maltichon.

Causes of allergy in hypoallergic maltichon


The dander, known as an allergen, collects on the skin of hypoallergic maltichon. Hypoallergic maltichon has dandruff. The skin surface is in a state of constant renewal. Tiny spots fall off and are replaced by new cells. All species (and humans) are going to do this at the same rate. The difference between hypoallergic maltichon’s hair and hair is that the hair is usually much thicker and sticks to the dander. It will be caught in the coat. With maltipoo, the hair is smooth and soft, leaving the dander off. When a person is exposed to hypoallergic maltichon, he will be exposed to allergens, which are present in the coat of hypoallergic maltichon. Therefore, you should clean the hair of hypoallergic maltichon in time, so as to ensure that the dander on the hair of hypoallergic maltichon is much less, and when a person contacts or handles a dog, the allergic reaction will also be reduced. In addition, the furry hypoallergic maltichon usually has heavy sheds. That is to say, the fur (it’s held dander) falls off to the furniture, floor, bed, and basically the whole house. Some varieties shed too much, and piles of fur can be seen everywhere. However, the shedding of hypoallergic maltichon is very light, which means that there will be less dead hair in the house and on the dressing tools, resulting in less allergic reaction to hypoallergic maltichon. Do you want to know what Maltichon full grown look like? You can click here for more information about maltichon dog.