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Is male bernese mountain dog good pet?

Is male Bernese mountain dog good pet? Male Bernese mountain dog is a large dog with flat head, medium stop (forehead), medium-sized triangular ears, round top, high on the head and scissors bite.


The history of male Bernese Mountain Dog

It is generally believed that the Bernese mountain dog was developed by the Romans when they invaded the Swiss Alps (the first century B.C.) as their comrades in arms. These mastiffs and moloses were then bred with the Swiss Landrace, and the ancestors of the Swiss sennehind breed, the Bernese breed, were bred. It is very likely that Bernese mountain dog has worked hard in mountainous areas for many years to provide public utilities for farmers. However, at the end of the 19th century, with the development of the world, only one third of the Swiss population was engaged in various kinds of agriculture. Due to insufficient demand, the popularity of Bernese mountain dog began to decline. In 1888, a group called Bernese mountain dog was founded to protect the pedigree of this species. This group consists of breeders of purebred Swiss mountain dogs.

The shape of male Bernese Mountain Dog

Male Bernese mountain dog is bigger than female, taller, stronger, muscular and wide back. Male Bernese mountain dog has a thick tail, which is not high, and a pair of big blue eyeds, sometimes “ground” color. The color of black eyed is not the standard of a variety. Male Bernese mountain dog has a long double coat color of classic Swiss Coyote colors: black, tan and white; these three coat colors are breed standard. There seems to be a white Swiss cross on the chest of male Bernese mountain dog. Male Bernese mountain dog has two layers of hair, the outer layer is long hair, and the inner layer is wool, both of which can protect it from bad weather.

Nutrition and feeding of male Bernese Mountain Dog

Male Bernese mountain dog has a huge appetite and benefits from different mineral and vitamin balances to support different joint and cartilage needs. Male Bernese mountain dog is also prone to abdominal distension and stomach problems. You should try to make the male Bernese mountain dog eat less and more meals to help minimize the risk.

How to groom hair for male Bernese mountain dog?

You should comb the hair of the dog every day to keep it tangled freely and reduce the amount of shedding. The hair between the cushions of male Bernese mountain dog should be trimmed regularly.

How to train a male Bernese mountain dog?

Male Bernese mountain dog is a very easygoing dog. Although a giant, it doesn’t need much training to make sure that they are easy to get along with. However, any male Bernese mountain dog needs some basic training to become a safe and reliable member of the dog society. Therefore, we should teach them all the basic knowledge, including leading the way and reliable memory. Buy a Bernese Mountain Dog.


Male Bernese mountain dog is the best family dog

Male Bernese mountain dog is an ideal family dog because they love everyone. Male Bernese mountain dog may be too big for younger children, and it’s not easy to carry, and it’s not good for families who often go out and walk, because they don’t like to be alone. While many dogs are traditionally considered to get along well with children, all dogs and children need to be taught how to get along, respect each other, and be safe together. Even so, dogs and children should not stay alone. They should always pay attention to the condition of the dog and children.