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Is it cruel to breed teacup poodles?

A story of a teacup poodle:

“She led the way to destruction,” said Perry, flaunting her purchase of a teacup poodle from a Canadian breeder who owned the puppies. Then everyone has to have one. ”
The definition of a teacup poodle is loose. Perry said that in essence, any “very small” poodle would fall under the umbrella.
By default, no specific breed is a teacup poodle. This has led unscrupulous breeders to come up with new and brutal ways to reduce an already small breed, such as Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier, into a new and terrifying breed.
In addition to Paris Hilton’s suspicious Zoo – she said she has 35 pets – teacup poodles are often seen in shelters. In shelters like Donggu, Perry often sees people bringing teacup dogs in. People will also say to them, “I can’t do anything with them.”

It’s like they want the teacup to be like a dog.
The problem is, these pint-sized poodles are not Swiss watches. They’re not tiny miracles of ingenious design. Physiologically, small breeds of dogs lick – Perry lists small bones that are almost undeveloped, precious little exercise, overworked organs – and usually they don’t tick all the time.
“Their hearts are small,” Perry said, and they have small lungs. They won’t last that long. ”
And, to the surprise of some new teacup poodle owners, they can’t do everything like a normal-sized dog. Even something very important.
“The reason people want a teacup poodle is the worst thing for a dog.” In fact, spending a lifetime in your wallet, exercising little, or even interacting with other dogs is never the secret of a healthy and happy dog mate.
“They’re dogs anyway,” Perry explains. Poodles are gregarious animals. ”

A weak teacup doesn’t have much chance of becoming a dog. Moreover, in order to meet the growing demand for micro-markets, they usually come from such places as:
“They want very little,” Perry said, and I don’t know why. So they can put them in their wallets and walk around with them? ”
She said, “I want to buy a plush toy.”.
If you’re going to give a home to thousands of ordinary-sized dogs, adopt a pet.

From the above, we can conclude that it is a very cruel fact to cultivate a teacup poodle.