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Is it better to have 2 Chihuahuas?

So many Chihuahua owners have more than one Chihuahua. The reason is that Chihuahua is easy to take care of, and they do like their own kind. In my opinion, if you already have a female Chihuahua, it’s better to find a man’s Chihuahua, because female Chihuahua is more likely to bump into each other’s heads. Female Chihuahua can be very territorial.

1. Can we have more than one Chihuahuas?

In terms of veterinary treatment and medical emergencies. You have to pay for sterilization, injections and tests. Every year, you have to pay an extra veterinarian check-up fee, plus tooth cleaning every few years, and unexpected veterinary visits (ear infections, injuries, etc.), and you have to ask yourself if you have enough money to pay for these extra costs. You also need money to buy other things. Little kitty eats more food, though. You need more entertainment, more clothes, and extra beds and luggage racks. If you pay for a dog or a dog walk, they’ll charge an extra dog.

2. Do you have enough time?

Time is a very important factor. You’ll take them for a walk at the same time and feed them at the same time, but it takes a while to get ready for a walk (gather them together and strap them on). Feeding can be more complicated because sometimes one dog eats more than another and you have to monitor them throughout the meal to make sure that no one steals food from the other dog and no one owns territory over the other dog. You have to spend time at home with another Chihuahua, and I’m sure you know it’s a time-consuming task (although in my experience, having a Chihuahua can sometimes help, because the first Chihuahua can help teach the second Chihuahua.)

3. How to take care of Chihuahua when you are not at home?

Finally, you have to think about how your Chihuahua should be taken care of if you travel or go on holiday? Now, it may be easy for a friend to take care of a Chihuahua, but can you find a reliable way to take care of two dogs while you are away? If you like to travel with your dog, can you handle two carriers and two belts comfortably? Remember, if many airlines allow only one dog in one part of the plane, you can’t take both onboard unless you travel with a companion and the person has to sit in a different area with the dog. These are the most common problems with multiple dogs. That is to say, having more than one dog brings a lot of happiness, and these dogs can provide each other with the company that we humans can’t provide.
Remember, if you really want another Chihuahua, you don’t have to pick one from your friends, you have to choose one that suits your family. You should take your time and learn about your dog’s character before you find her a companion.