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Is it better to get a male or female French bulldog?

Do you want to choose a male or a female French bulldog? All the French Bulldogs are very friendly. They like their owners. They are very kind and kind to their children. Both male and female French Bulldogs are smart and relatively easy to train, including dog training and burglary. Every male or female of a French Bulldog, just like everyone else, has a unique personality that makes him or her different, and gender does not seem to be an important determinant. Although all of us French love each other and get on well with each other, they have some very interesting differences in personality. They are from extroverted to shy, from very active to very leisurely, from bold to cautious, from dominant to submissive, from excited to calm, from curious to satisfied. Of course, a large part of the French personality is determined by his / her environment, but some characters are expressed at birth, and they begin to appear at the age of a few weeks. But every French Bulldog is so unique. It’s important to remember that sterilization is the best pet for French Bulldogs. They have less health risk.

Physical characteristics of male and female French Bulldogs

The difference between male and female French Bulldogs is their appearance. Physically, males usually have larger heads, are bigger, and look more domineering (although some of our females look as domineering as most males). On average, they weigh 2-4 pounds more than women. Female French Bulldogs tend to be a little petite and slim, but I see many female French Bulldogs grow up to be bigger than their brothers. This is a matter of personal preference. Some people like to be big and domineering, while others like to be small and petite.

The personality of French female Bulldog

French female Bulldogs have their own personalities. Although no two French women are similar, they are different from men. The first difference is that female Frenchmen tend to have a sweeter personality as a whole, not that male French Bulldogs can’t, because they certainly will, but female Frenchmen tend to swing their French tails and pay more attention to you and want more attention, which also makes them more need and urgent attention. If you want a French with a sweet temperament, a French woman is a good choice for you. They are sweet, full of love and affection.

The personality of male French Bulldog

Male French Bulldogs are more likely to be alpha and boy dogs from the beginning. We find them more naughty, stupid and confident. They tend to be more independent and exploratory than women. They have a good personality on the whole. Males sometimes take longer to train, but it’s easy to solve after they are castrated. This is mainly a regional habit. Once they are castrated, this habit will disappear with proper training.


Is a male or female French Bulldog more suitable for children?

French Bulldogs are good for children by nature. They are great family dogs, with children and babies. In fact, they love children and babies. They are one of the mildest dog breeds. We have dogs for health and temperament, so you must know that your French will get along well with your family and children. The bottom line is you can’t be wrong with male or female French Bulldogs, both are great and we know you’ll love your new puppy. Both sexes have amazing qualities that will only improve your life and ultimately make your life more enjoyable, fun and full of everyday laughter.