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Is Bedlington terrier a good pet?

The Bedlington terrier is a bit calmer than most other breeds, making it a more enjoyable place for them to be with you at home, although they can be fearless in an instant when they need to stand up more dominant dogs or chase foxes and other pests.

Bellington Terrier’s loyalty and a strong desire

Other dogs and pets may be a problem for this Terrier unless he has socialized them from an early age after which he will learn to accept them. Nevertheless, the Bedlington is a loving little fellow who will repay you with loyalty and desire to please you.

The history of Bellington Terrier

The Bedlingtons originally came from a small town in northeast England called Roseberry, on the border between Scotland and Northumberland, England. In fact, this species is sometimes referred to as the Roseberry terrier.
In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, this species was still known as the Roseberry Terrier, and it had a slightly different appearance than we know today, with shorter legs. These terriers were originally used to catch various pests, such as mice, badgers, rabbits, and foxes. The hair at the bottom of the legs is thicker and longer to protect them from insect bites during combat.

Northumberland miners also use them to remove rats from tunnels because they are good at underground activities. There is also evidence that they are used as fighting dogs because they are very dominant.
In the 1870s, the Bellington and the whimpers were crossed to produce what we know today as a longer-legged, faster Bellington. This speed and ability to capture make them a popular choice for poachers, which in turn earned Bedlington the nickname “Gypsy dog.”.
The Bellington Terrier is easy to train. Once they understand what you want from them, they quickly learn new commands, and they are very sensitive to the intonation used in training. Billington’s are very active and need moderate exercise to help burn their energy. Two 60 minute walks a day will help him stretch his legs. They should be socialized at an early age to reduce their aggression against other dogs, especially the more powerful ones.

Bedlington dogs have a protective effect

Bedlington lets everyone know when there are strangers or intruders nearby. But once the host accepts the stranger, it will open its paws to welcome the stranger.