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Is a teacup poodle a good family dog?

Teacup poodle is just a good family dog for old people. For these nervous puppies, young children tend to get too confused, and they don’t really understand the need to be more careful with these kids. Don’t let their lovely faces deceive you. They need constant care. The teacup poodle has a complex coat that needs to be maintained and regularly supervised. They also have some dietary restrictions and many medical conditions. Fortunately, these teacup poodles don’t need much exercise.


1. Training requirements

They have moderate energy levels, so they don’t need to exercise too much every day. Walking twice a day for 10 minutes, plus 20-30 minutes of competition, is enough. It can be a little tricky for us to exercise them because they are very fragile. Their small bodies take long walks, play outside, and even run around in dangerous places. If you take the right precautions, you can easily tire them out.
It’s important to use seat belts when you walk. Because their necks are very small, if they wear ordinary collars, a simple pull on the belt can cause serious damage to your dog.
You can take them out, but you need to keep an eye on them. It is easy for them to jump down from high places to hurt themselves, squeeze under the fence, and even become prey to hyenas or large birds. Don’t take your eyes off these puppies.
Walking times per day: 2 times.
The total amount of exercise required per day: at least 30 minutes.

2. Carding and hair shedding of teacup poodle

Grooming is probably the most complicated aspect of these lovely teacup poodles. The teacup poodle has the same curly, medium length and thick coat as the ordinary poodle. The good thing about these elastic curls is that they don’t fall off, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to care for their fur. You brush the poodle every day.
Their tight curls can easily become tangled or tangled, so you have to comb them regularly to remove dead hairs from their coats. Because they have very small curls, you can’t brush them the way you brush other breeds of dogs. It is recommended that you spray your hair before spraying your teeth before you brush your puppy’s teeth so that you can avoid the pain of your vulnerable puppy and help you brush your teeth easily.
Finally, the last part of their extensive beauty program is to monitor their tears. It’s common to see Brown mucus under the corners of their eyes. To reduce tear marks, you can buy a tear remover.


3. Feeding and diet of teacup poodle

Because these teacup poodle puppies are too small, it’s easy to overfeed them. These little guys are going to get a little chubby soon. One and a half cups a day to avoid being overweight. Feeding them many times a day is especially important to prevent your friend from developing hypoglycemia. Any type of food (wet or dry) is OK, but it’s best to buy dog food that is made specifically for the breed, which will help reduce the extra weight of your dog. Just as important, buy a high protein food and give your mini teacup poodle enough energy to maintain its playful personality. Although you may be tempted to feed them for the rest of your dinner, it’s important to resist the urge. We need to avoid feeding them human scraps, which can quickly lead to teacup poodles becoming obese.