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Is a Maltichon right for your family?

Is a Maltichon right for your family? Despite its lovely appearance, maltichon is a hardy and adaptable breed. Maltichon can be a great watchdog, and maltichon can exercise. Usually, these maltichons are described as naughty, cheerful and calm. But is a maltichon right for your family?


Maltichon’s temperament

Despite his small size, maltichon is very brave, just like a toy dog. Maltichon has a lot of trust in strangers and a very positive response to feelings. Maltichon is a dog that enjoys love from anyone and everyone. Maltese are also very polite. Maltichon has a mild temperament and usually does not engage in aggressive activities like other puppies. They can also be lively and fun. Like many other dogs, they like to catch prey! These maltichons are strong enough to catch up with dogs twice their size. They like to play with other dogs and are usually not aggressive. However, unlike other puppies, they need regular exercise. Without it, the typically polite Maltese would be destructive. Maltichon is right for your family.
These dogs can still work well in the apartment, but they should exercise at least once a day.

Is maltichon friendly?

Maltichon dog is very people-oriented and friendly to most strangers. Maltichon is family friendly and gets along well with older children at home. Although the dogs are also friendly to children, their small size also makes them vulnerable to injury when they are not handled properly. Does the maltichon in your life have a cat? Don’t miss the perfect partner with your best friend. For safety’s sake, maltichon should be careful when interacting with children. Some breeders will refuse to sell the maltichon to families with children. They are very vulnerable and vulnerable to wayward children. Apart from being careful with children, maltichon is very friendly to most strangers. Maltichon is right for your family. They enjoy all the attention, whether it’s from family or strangers. However, that doesn’t mean you can skip the proper socialization of your Maltese puppy. You should always take your Maltese to meet all kinds of friendly people. The more people he met, the less scared maltichon was when he met a new friend.
You can provide maltichon with an appropriate, safe environment for your dog to socialize, and can also help you learn how to socialize properly when in public. Even if your maltichon is old, the socialization of maltichon is still very important. Older dogs can become withdrawn if they are not constantly introduced to new, friendly people. Buy a maltichon.


Is maltichon aggressive?

Most maltichon are not aggressive with proper socialization and training.
However, all dog breeds are aggressive, especially if they are not socialized or trained properly. Maltichon becomes aggressive when threatened. It’s easy for these little maltichons to be scared, even if you don’t mean to.
When maltichon feels threatened, he usually barks, growls and bites. These maltichons are very nagging and noisy when they feel in danger. Maltichon is a very good alert dog, when someone comes to your door, it will let you know. In some cases, this may be a desirable feature! Maltichon is right for your family. For many families, however, constant barking can be a problem. Fortunately, it can be trained to a certain extent. With regular training, you can train your maltichon to only bark in some cases. But you have to realize that this barking is part of their inheritance and you can never stop it completely. So if it’s important for you to have a very quiet dog, it’s not the breed you want. Compared with other species, although maltichon’s calls are loud, they usually don’t become aggressive when strangers approach. Although they may sound very aggressive from a distance, they will become friendly from a close view. If your maltichon does show any signs of aggression, it’s important to take corrective action as soon as possible. In this case, trainers are essential.

Does maltichon like other dogs?

Most maltichon like other dogs. When other dogs are around, their naughty nature will show. Despite their small size, it’s not hard for them to keep up with bigger dogs. Maltichon is right for your family. However, your maltichon playmates should be careful. Their small size makes them vulnerable, and they are afraid of noisy big dogs. Maltichon people may feel threatened or endangered by larger dogs. When a dog four times their size approaches them, they naturally feel scared, especially when the dog is in a high mood. Do you want to know what Maltichon full grown look like? You can click here for more information about maltichon dog.