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Is a male or female Belgian Tervueren better?

Is a male or female Belgian Tervueren better? Discuss whether male and female Belgian Tervueren need different training and whether their performance is different.

The temperament of male and female Belgian Tervueren

First of all, Belgian Tervueren is very loyal, very protective, and easy to train. However, Belgian Tervueren is very excited and you need a very strong hand to control them. It doesn’t matter if you change the dog, though I strongly recommend it. The important thing is that the dog is mature. You can’t get a 6-month-old child, or even a 1-year-old child and get protection from it. More than 18 months is what you really want. I suggest the male, as they are larger. In the past, the police and the army used to use male animals, and you rarely found female animals. The best thing about Belgian Tervueren is that they look like this character, which is often enough to warn intruders. A lot of people don’t know Belgian Tervueren, so they can continue to experiment. Whether it’s male or female, Belgian Tervueren. It’s actually a little important for the breed.


Female is more likely to be infected than male

Female Belgian Tervueren is more likely to be boarded and trained than male Belgian Tervueren, showing more concern for their owners, while male dogs are more indifferent. Although this view is widely accepted, it is worth noting that it has not been widely studied. The temperament and attention of a dog depend on many factors, such as its breed and environment. Female Belgian Tervueren, who has not been sterilized, will “estrus” about twice a year, while male dogs will not. An unmarried adult female, Belgian Tervueren, usually experiences oestrus or “oestrus” twice a year, although the process varies from dog to dog and is affected by the size and breed of the animal. During this time, she usually secretes vaginal secretions, from very bloody and sticky to light and watery. This secretion signals to the male dog that it is fertile. Each cycle can last two to six weeks. On the other hand, most unmarried males can reproduce throughout the year, so they don’t experience this.

Male and female dogs sometimes have different physical gender health problems. The health problems of non castrated pets vary with gender. The female may have breast cancer or uterine infection, while the male may have testicular cancer and prostate disease. It’s worth noting that sterilizing and sterilizing your Belgian Tervueren can reduce many of these risks. The timing of male and female sterilization also affects the risk of certain diseases and health problems in dogs.