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Is a lhasa apso aggressive?

Is a Lhasa Apso aggressive? Lhasa Apso is strong willed, stubborn and likes to be a domineering dog, so Lhasa Apso is sometimes aggressive. Aggressive Lhasa Apso don’t like rules. When they feel pushed or bullied, they will gnash their teeth. They are mainly gentle and firm to the aggressive Lhasa Apso, but the aggressive Lhasa Apso may mistake the game for a threat and become aggressive. The aggressive Lhasa Apso can be trained to be a good pet and interact with children.


Why is Lhasa Apso possibly aggressive?

If your goal is to have a lovely Lhasa, then you need to identify a very reliable breeder with good breed and special character, because a poor breeder may lead to an aggressive Lhasa Apso. One way to avoid provoking the aggressive Lhasa Apso response is not to punish Lhasa cruelly. The aggressive Lhasa Apso can think independently and sometimes refuse to obey instructions. Don’t lose your cool in the training or other activities of the aggressive Lhasa Apso. This kind of aggressive Lhasa Apso with strong will and sometimes independent mind was originally raised as a watchdog in Tibetan monasteries, where they were affectionately known as “barking lion sentry dogs”. Although they look cute and lovely, the best way to deal with them is even to play the aggressive Lhasa Apso, which is gentle but firm, because the aggressive Lhasa Apso Apso can show aggressive behavior in the shortest expected time. Don’t play a combative Lhasa Apso in any way, or make fun of it, or correct the wrong behavior, because it is likely to be attacked. Buy a Lhasa Apso.

How to train the aggressive Lhasa Apso?

Understanding the personality of the aggressive Lhasa Apso is the key to training them into the cute puppies you want. Their temperament is unpredictable. Even in the aggressive Lhasa Apso, their personalities are a little different, but they all show the same behavior. The most effective way to train the aggressive Lhasa Apso is to use the method of reward, occasionally give him a chance to persuade him to perform well. First, pause doesn’t work for the aggressive Lhasa Apso. They don’t have the ability to reason or assess the situation. The aggressive Lhasa Apso only responds to developments. When you correct him, tell him to sit down, lie down and let him stay until you release him. (1-2 minutes should be enough, but it may take longer). In order to win the respect of the aggressive Lhasa Apso, you need to walk and train “on the leash”.


A long journey with your control will help establish your position as a boss. Taking the dog for a walk with an ordinary leash (instead of a flexible leash) will tell the aggressive Lhasa Apso that you have chosen the route and speed and that it must follow you. Next, you need to make time every day to do some basic training, such as “sit”, “live”, “lie down”, “come” and so on! The aggressive Lhasa Apso using praise, touch and healing rewards will learn that if it does what you ask for, it will be rewarded. If not, you have no reward. If the aggressive Lhasa Apso acts and does anything you don’t want to do, you’re just withholding your attention and any other type of reward. One example is the aggressive Lhasa Apso barking at you to get your attention. To show that you don’t agree, you just need to say “no”. When the aggressive Lhasa Apso is quiet, return to praise or entertain him for being quiet, which can reduce the aggressive behavior of the aggressive Lhasa Apso.