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Is a Great Dane a good first dog?

Is a Great Dane a good first dog? There is no doubt that the Great Dane is one of the largest breeds. He stands on shoulders about 28 to 32 inches or more and weighs from 110 to 190 pounds. But don’t let its size scare you – the puppy is usually a gentle giant with a big heart. Learn more about the Great Dane and see if it suits you.


The Great Danes are often laid back.

Great Dane has typical calmness, calmness, and calmness. Great Dane can be happy to share the sofa and watch TV with you. As for exercise, he can be content to walk 10 to 20 minutes a day. In fact, if he is well trained and socialized, his relaxed nature can actually make him fit for apartment life.

Great Danes are usually good for children.

The Great Dane is usually a good dog for the family – it likes to love and be with children. He just needs to learn how to treat them gently, perhaps more suitable for families with older children. A wag of the tail can knock down a toddler.

The Great Dane can play a protective role.

The Great Dane may be mild in nature, but it can protect his family if the situation requires it. This tendency can make him a good watchdog.


The Great Dane has many colors.

The short, thick, smooth coat of a Great Dane can be a striped, light brown, blue, black clown (white with black spots) and Cape (black and white body with a solid black “blanket”). When he depilates, he usually combs easily. Although they may prefer to relax, they are no stranger to work. The Great Dane is a working dog originally designed to hunt wild boars. At that time, it was as fierce as its opponents. Later, he was often used to guard the manor.