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Is a Finnish Lapphund right for you?

Is a Finnish Lapphund right for you? Unless you live in Finland or happen to have reindeer to graze, you may not be familiar with Finnish Lapphund. If you really know this breed, you know what a wonderful family dog they are. Smart and eager to please people, obedient to people, good to children. Finnish Lapphund is already one of Finland’s most popular varieties and deserves praise in the United States. So, what makes Finnish Lapphunds different?


Finnish Lapphund is a beautiful dog

Although Finnish Lapphund’s have a large body surface, they are of medium size, with an average height of 18-21 inches for males and 16-19 inches for females. They have straight or wavy fur and a soft, dense undercoat. They also have a sweet, gentle expression, will win people’s hearts.

Finnish Lapphund is an old breed

The Finnish people originated from the Sami people, who are semi-nomadic people in Lapland, covering parts of Finland, Sweden, and Russia. The remains of Lapphunds dogs date back to 7000 BC.! With the evolution of Sami culture to nomadic culture, dogs were used to graze reindeer.

Finnish Lapphund has special skills

Speaking of reindeer, their hooves are deadly. While grazing sheep or cows requires special skills, grazing reindeer requires other unique skills that are inherent in knee animals. This breed is fast, brave, agile and has a strong startle reflex that serves them well if the reindeer suddenly turns to them.

Finnish Lapphund’s bark tendency

Another key feature of this shepherd dog is its tendency to bark. The Finns used barking to control the herd, and they are still barkers today. On the one hand, it makes them very good watchdog and will let you know if someone comes. On the other hand, teaching your knees when to bark and when not to bark is an important part of the training.


Finnish Lapphund is smart

Finnish Lapphund is sometimes referred to as a variety of thinking. Although, like most herders, they are strong-willed, Finnish Lapphund trains and performs well in dog sports such as agility and rally. They also perform well in tracking dogs, treating dogs, and searching and rescuing.

Finnish Lapphund is not a watchdog

He will remind you of strangers, but he is not aggressive. In fact, he is a loyal, sociable, and kind breed.

Finnish Lapphund has its own characteristics

Although similar in appearance to the Australian Shepherd dog, Samoyed shepherd dog, and Siberian Husky shepherd dog, Finnish Lapphund belongs to its own breed. He is calm, friendly, attached to his human community, yet has the intelligence, agility, and courage of a dog used to working in the harsh northern environment. No wonder Finnish Lapphund is so popular!