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Is a Briard a good family dog?

Is a Briard a good family dog? Briard is a handsome, stout, well-proportioned dog. They have a long, rough double coat. When Briard is a pup, his fur is lighter and gets deeper with age. Briard’s preferred color is light brown, pure black, or black, with white hair scattered. Briard’s slightly rounded skull has a well-defined stop and a square, powerful tone. Briard’s big eyes should be dark brown, and Briard’s nose should be black. The ears should be high on the head. Briard’s teeth should be strong and bite like scissors. The muscular neck should be moderately long and connected to the strongback shoulder. The horizontal back should be stable and the front legs should be strong. The hind legs and thighs are muscular, and the exposed claws are placed under the legs. The feet have hard pads and closed toes. The long tail is lowered with an upward hook.


Briard’s temperament

Briard is brave, loyal and gentle. They are good family dogs. They tend to be closer to people outside of one family than to others. They need to feel part of the family and suspect strangers. They are naturally protective and have a keen memory. As we all know, they can protect their children from their parents. They like to play games, but they can get rough, but not vicious, soon. Young children should be monitored around this breed. If you’re not social, rose will become aggressive to other dogs. This breed is accepted by family pets if introduced to them.

Briard’s health problems

Although Briard is usually a healthy breed, Briard can be prone to hip dysplasia, PRA, swelling and cataracts.

Briard’s living conditions

If you exercise regularly, Briard will be very suitable for apartment life. They like running and outdoor activities. This breed is not suitable for dogs. They need to be part of their family.


Briard exercise

Briard likes running and swimming. They are good joggers and can run with bicycles. If they don’t exercise properly, they will become restless. Briard’s life expectancy is about 10-12 years.

Briard’s hair care

If Briard’s comb is good, Briard is a beautiful animal. Thorough and daily brushing and grooming is necessary to prevent matting. This breed seldom molts. The main purpose is to trim the inside of the ear and between the toes regularly.

The origin of Briard

The exact source of Briard is unclear. However, legend has it that they were founded in Europe in the middle ages. It is said that they originated from the Oriental shepherd dog, and the local shepherd dog from the cross. An old legend says that o’brimondier was murdered, only his dog as a witness. The king finally realized that the dog had been following the murderer. He ordered a double ID card for the killer and the dog. Briard won! It is said that the puma’s body and working ability are the same as those in Aubrey’s story, indicating that the dog is a puma. Charlemagne gave the rose as a gift to his friends, and napolia also carried it in military operations. Thomas Jefferson introduced these varieties to help American farmers, while Lafayette imported them for his American manor. This breed has established a reliable reputation in battle and has been named the official dog of the French army. They will transport supplies to the front, act as sentinels, and locate the wounded. They have incredible feelings about the life and death of soldiers. Because of their strong bodies, they are also used to carry machine gun ammunition to gun replacers. American soldiers were very impressed by this and soon imported this variety into the United States.