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How to train tosa inu?

The most important thing you need to know is that training Japanese Dog Tosa INU needs a very strong and confident leader who is ready to invest enough energy and time in training practice to make the dog clearly understand his position in the family bag.

Is Tosa INU easy to train?


Without alpha’s strong leadership, Tosa INU might try to challenge its owner to become a leader of the team, which should certainly be avoided. Therefore, only experienced and confident car owners need to accept Tosa. We need to know when training Tosa INU that if you have experience with large breed dogs and want to take on the challenge of training Japanese Tosa INU, you will find that with the right method, it will be quite easy for dog training. When we train Tosa INU, we need to know that Tosa INU is quite smart and will follow orders from a strong owner. When we train Tosa INU, we should know that this is absolutely important training. This breed is suitable from a very young age to prevent other people from being dangerous to Tosa INU.

Social training of Tosa INU

Dogs have an independent nature, and a determined and persistent coach is vital to control the dog. When we train Tosa INU, we should know that early socialization is very important, because Tosa INU may be hostile to everyone. Visiting public places, such as bus stops, parks or dog parks will allow dogs to meet new people and dogs, which will love it. Tosa INU also needs belt training because of its ferocity.

When we train Tosa INU, we need to know that compatibility is something that this dog is not familiar with. Tosa INU comes from a lineage that has been trained to be independent and fierce and needs to be taught how to coexist with others. Therefore, social training should start as soon as possible. It is necessary to socialize people and dogs.

Even with all the social training, it’s hard for one dog not to pounce on another. When we train Tosa INU, we need to know that their instinct is to hunt anything that moves, big or small. So make sure your Tosa INU is the only pet in the family.

Train Tosa INU to get along with other animals

Similarly, other dogs / animals in the vicinity should always keep a safe distance. Tosa INU must also avoid doing anything that would aggravate Tosa. When we are training Tosa INU, we should know that it may not be a good idea to take your Tosa INU to the neighbor’s barbecue.

The children in the family should learn how to treat the dog. It has a strong sense of loyalty, but even a little rough play can trigger the wrestler’s instinct buried in the heart. Because of this, when we train Tosa INU, we should know that it is better not to let children near Tosa INU until Tosa INU is big enough.

Train needs of Tosa INU

Tosa inus does need a lot of daily exercise. One to two hours of walking or jogging should be arranged every day, and access to a safe outdoor garden or courtyard should be provided. When we train Tosa INU, we should know that such exercise assistance will make the dog get more satisfaction from daily activities and reduce the possibility of aggressive or other bad behaviors.

Tosa INU enjoys activities and exercise, which takes about 60 minutes a day, including walking, jogging and playing with people. This breed will also benefit from the right to access a closed area and be able to exercise and release steam. When we train Tosa INU, we should know that Tosa INU can take good care of the sports needs of Tosa INU, as long as we give Tosa INU a yard with enough space. Tosa INU is a good jogger.

Positive reinforcement training of Tosa INU


Training is an important part of a dog’s life. When we are training Tosa INU, we should know that before you start, it’s a good idea to review the basic knowledge of dog training: patience, enthusiasm, paying attention to your body language, explosive work, increasing diversity, so as to help your dog respond reliably in any situation. The instinct of the Tosa INU dog is to be the alpha in its group. For this, you need to be very careful to lead its “package.”. You should also be very familiar with the latest training methods. Buy a Tosa Inu.

How to train Tosa INU puppies?

It takes time, care and patience to train Tosa INU puppies and dogs. When we train Tosa INU, we should know that the training method, training time and training type will depend on the breed and size of the dog. The Tosa INU is a smart breed and is usually easy to train. This breed learns quickly and can start with training as early as 8 weeks old.

Potty training

Toilet training for a Tosa INU dog can be very time consuming and frustrating. When we are training Tosa INU, we need to know that the dog apartment is a home with one bedroom and one bathroom. Teach and train your dog to always go to the toilet in his own indoor dog bathroom.

Crate training

Training is one of the best things a dog owner can do. When we train Tosa INU, we need to know that it gives your dog a safe place when you can’t see him. Put your dog in the cage and wait for him for five hours. Close the door, reward him for being quiet in the box, and then let him out before he has a chance to cry, maybe for a few minutes.


Socialization is very important for this breed. Even with proper socialization, Tosa INU will remain silent and shy towards strangers. However, a well socialized Tosa INU is a pleasure for his family. When we train Tosa INU, we should know that Tosa INU puppies should be socialized, from noise to people and other animals.